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Promotion – ‘Super November’ – A Short Film


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Promotion – ‘Super November’ – A Short Film

Josie Long stars in the mumble core comedy meets socio-political drama as a romance obsessed librarian in Glasgow. In the midst of an exciting new relationship she almost forgets about the mounting political turmoil and potential right wing coup. Described by Sight & Sound as a “portrait of the harshness of the abruptly changing world we live in”, Super November is an exhilarating and ambitious ultra-low-budget debut for Clydebank director Douglas King and writer Long, with a supporting cast including Sean Biggerstaff, Chris Forbes and Janey Godley.

'Super November' - A Short Film

Josie and Douglas will be in attendance at all the dates except Dunoon.

“Our film came about by pure audacity on our part, and it’s my wildest dreams for it to be screening in so many cinemas. It’s exciting that a truly DIY film is able to get seen and I hope people who like my stand up come and see our feature” says Josie.




  • 1st Hyde Park Picturehouse, Leeds


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