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Promotion – ‘Victim’ – A Short Film


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‘Victim’ – A Short Film

A Note From The Director:

This is a Short Horror film I made for my last college project of the year in Creative Media Production. We were given the chance to each make a film of our own choice, of varied length and subject matter. My film is based around a teenage boy who finds himself being stalked by the mythical being ‘Slender Man’ over a period of days. It has been heavily inspired by the game ‘Slender’ by Parsec Productions, as well as many Horror Films I have been influenced by.

The film was shot on a Canon EOS 550D with both 18-55mm and 50mm 1.8 lenses used. It was also awarded best short film for our year group, when shown at our student screening at the Duke of York’s Cinema, Brighton.

– Eddie Adamson, Director


Directed, Filmed, & Edited – Eddie Adamson
Starring – Jake Holmes & Jordan Scott
Music – Stefan Fraser


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