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Promotion – ‘Vampire Resurrection’ – A Feature Film


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‘Vampire Resurrection’ – A Feature Film

Ten year old Anne adopted by a Vampire Slayer (Wraith) kills a ruthless Vampire. 25 years later and now married with two teenage kids. The Vampire comes back to exact vengeance on the family by picking them off one at a time. Controlling Father (Jack) refuses to believe Vampires exist and offers a more likely explanation. The mother (Anne a slayer) must now face up to who she really is. To get her out of the way and safe, Jack tells her to find her guardian and mentor. Meanwhile Jack persuades an old friend of Anne’s an ageing once elite special forces captain and his old unit to rescue their daughter. Soon his ideas that Vampires don’t exist are blown away. Together with the slayer Anne and Jack have a final confrontation with the vampires to try and save their family.





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