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Promotion – ‘Under The Flowers’ – A Web Series


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‘Under The Flowers’ – A Web Series

The award-winning team behind horror short The Halloween Girl is back with spooky webseries Under The Flowers, premiering in January.

Jackie Hill has one too many nightmares – especially when she’s awake. Whether it’s the black flowers growing out of a little boy’s hand, the unnerving Goth Girl who appears just before her black outs or the strange man who visits in her ‘unconscious’ state, she regularly feels her sanity slipping away. But as one world digs in to the other, challenging her ‘reality’, Jackie knows the true answer lies somewhere…under the flowers.

Under The Flowers stars Katie Stahl (‘Jackie’), Lauren LaVera (‘Poe’), Gabby Huggins (‘Ella’) and Jacob Wilner (‘Jack’), with Catherine Kustra reprising her The Halloween Girl role of ‘Charlotte’.

Under The Flowers consists of 4 episodes, each episode premiering Sundays.

Founded by Emmy® Award-Winning Writer-Filmmaker Richard T. Wilson, Mad Shelley Films was born of the filmmaker’s love of classic ghost stories (A Christmas Carol, The Turn of the Screw) and his passion for shining a light on troubled souls, and the tortured spirits that relentlessly pursue them – in this world, and the next.

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'Under The Flowers

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