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Promotion – ‘The Residue of a Relationship’ – A Short Film


Posted August 22, 2016 by

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‘The Residue of a Relationship’ – A Short Film

Filmmaker Brett Chapman spent his whole life obsessed with the movies, so when he had a chance encounter with a Swedish girl in a Dutch hostel he pulled out his camera and began to bring to life the movies he’d always admired.

Lovingly crafted with a handmade aesthetic, The Residue of a Relationship is a candid love story un-like any other, pulling on elements of documentary filmmaking and stitching them together with some of the most recognisable cornerstones of romantic cinema.

A coming of age story for a generation raised on John Hughes and Cameron Crowe movies, The Residue of a Relationship is a funny and heartwarming tale about the lessons we learn from the things that people leave behind.




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