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Promotion – ‘The Newscaster’ – A Feature Film


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‘The Newscaster’ – A Feature Film

The Newscaster” will be the 2nd feature length movie that Natural Wipe Films plans on making and they need your support to help that happen.The first film they produced was calledA Cadaver Christmas.’ They were successful in getting that film distribution both in the United States and abroad. Securing cable deals with the Showtime Network in the US, and HBO Europe with the alternate title “Zombies at Christmas.

The goal for this new film is to take a truly authentic look into local news that is firmly planted in the horror genre. The film will dive into some uncomfortably twisted scenarios as well as some pretty harsh dark comedy. They have already produced a five minute teaser of the films opening scene that they are excited to share with you.

A good portion of the money will be spent on travel arrangements for the actors. Including gas, hotel accommodations, etc. They plan on hiring a well known genre actor for a two day shoot – which will cost roughly $2,000 or more depending on who they can get.

They will be using high end production equipment at no upfront cost. Including a RED cinema camera, dolly tracks, booms, etc. Members of their main crew will receive some payment for their time and effort upfront – but since the budget is so small, full payment will be deferred.

Other main production expenses would be for props, makeup, and gore effects.

A few post production expenses such as original music, poster art, and audio mixing will have to be worked out once the filming is complete.

The writer/director will not take any upfront money for his time writing/storyboarding/directing/editing/producing. So it is in his best interest to make the best film that he can to hopefully someday get paid for his troubles…or his wife will kill him.

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