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Promotion – ‘The Bench’ – A Web Series


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‘The Bench’ – A Web Series

The Bench is a new anthology web series from Jellyfielder Studios, telling a collection of diverse stories all centring around different benches in the same park. Friendships are tested, romance blossoms, lunch will be eaten and a crime will be committed.

 'The Bench' - A Web Series


Episode One:

Episode Two:

Episode Three:


Directed – Lu Camish, Mike Jelves
Written – Christopher Suffield
Produced – Jellyfielder Studios LTD
Featuring – Kane Ogieva, Cameron Edwards, Malcom Davies, Lisa Angelini, Davide Manganelli, Francesco Tribuzio and Jill Buchanan


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    Love The Bench of Fire and Ice, very funny. Thats happened to me before.

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