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Promotion – ‘The Apostate: Call Of The Revenant’ – A Feature Film


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‘The Apostate: Call Of The Revenant’

The Apostate is an original feature length psychological thriller with elements of horror that will leave audiences on the edge of their seat and, although this film is not yet rated, we would advise that some scenes may be unsuitable for children under 15. Please read the incredible true story that inspired the movie by clicking here.

It tells the story of a man who is found crawling around, covered in his own blood, in a disused underground car park. But he’s not alone. Four dead bodies are found in the same place. Through a series of flashbacks and interviews, we slowly piece together the events that took place that led to his incarceration and the grisly discoveries.

This is an independent feature film, which was shot entirely in Telford, and comes hot on the heels of Andy Dodd’s multi-award winning family film ‘it’s a love thing’.

The main cast includes Jay Bryhan, Terri Dwyer, Carol Cummings, Bob Sanderson and Anthony Webster.

This feature was written and directed by award winning director Andy Dodd and produced by Phoenix Laine and Andy Dodd.

The premiere will take place on September 14th 2014 at ODEON Telford – all are welcome to come along and meet the cast and crew.

The main feature is preceded by ‘it’s a love thing’ and ‘something I never had’ – two successful short films by Mangotree Films. All attendees are invited to the after-show gathering, where the cast and crew look forward to meeting everyone all for a night of film and discussion.


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