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Promotion – ‘Surrender’ – A Short Film


Posted February 27, 2017 by

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‘Surrender’ – A Short Film

Surrender is a short film which documents the last few days of a functioning alcoholic before he reaches rock bottom. He’s reached a point where he cannot function normally without a drink. Every ordinary aspect of his daily life is terrifying. He’s hallucinating, full of anxiety, full of remorse and guilt over the immoral behaviour he engages in when drunk; most of which he can’t remember because he’s in blackout. Once he takes a drink, he can operate normally for a time. Everything in the world is good again, great in fact – but he’s reached the point where he can’t stop drinking once he takes that first sip and ends up going out of control.

He blacks out, wakes up the next morning and the alcoholic groundhog day begins again…




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