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Promotion – ‘Streamer’ – A Short Film


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‘Streamer’ – A Short Film

A surreal short film about a tub-dweller (Ryan Leslie Fisher) and a mind-fucker (Cydney Penner). After establishing a bubbling connection with the girl of his dreams, a guy realizes that she is in fact already taken by someone else. Beginning to lament on his unfortunate misinterpretation of the entire scenario, the heartbroken tub-dweller soon de-evolves into a state of hysteria; engaged in a confining-battle between himself, reality, and his own crumbling psyche.
Teaser Trailer #1:

Teaser Trailer #2:

Directors Bio:

Born and raised in Montreal, now based in Toronto, Jared is a writer/actor/editor/director keeping up the good fight against all things non-creative and soul-sucking. Jared is a weekly contributing writer at ‘’. He has a D.E.C. in ‘Cinema & Communications’ from Dawson College (Montreal) a B.F.A. and Major in ‘Film Studies’ from Concordia University (Montreal) and Jared is also a graduate of ‘Film Arts & Production’ from the Toronto Media & Film College.


  'Streamer' - A Short Film    'Streamer' actress



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