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Promotion – ‘Stefano Formaggio’ – A Short Film


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‘Stefano Formaggio’ – A Short Film

Stefano Formaggio, tells the story of a handsome Italian, the producer and merchant of the finest cheese in the village. The ladies adore him, the men want to be him – and everyone loves his perfect Formaggio. The township is beautified by its very essence. In a perfect fairy-tale village, a beautiful but coy florist addicted to the enchanting local cheese, finally gets her dream date with the charming Italian artisan, who happens to be hiding more than just a secret family recipe.

 'Stefano Formaggio' - poster


Alice Greczyn – Jasmine (The Lying Game, Dukes of Hazzard, Sex Drive)
Pasquale Cassalia – Stefano (The Artist, Touch, General Hospital)
Mandy Amano – Olivia (Coyote Ugly, Fletcher Drive)
Amelia Jackson-Gray (The Campaign, Law and Order LA, Entourage)



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