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Promotion – ‘Shadows of a Stranger’ – A Feature Film


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‘Shadows of a Stranger’ – A Feature Film

Shadows of a Stranger is a dark psychological tale about a private investigator who teams up with a young psychic after a chance encounter.  With a million pound reward at stake, the two attempt to search down a missing stranger in order to bring him home for Christmas. Together they trail the city streets in a cat and mouse pursuit, a journey that ultimately takes them into the darkest corners of their own minds as they try to track down their fortune.

The Cast:

Ian Mude
Chris Clark
Colin Baker
Sarah Jane Honeywell
Colin McFarlane
Martha Watson Allpress
Julie Neesam
Kay Roberts
Paul Kelleher
Andrew Canadine
Malcolm Lord
Jane Tucker
Barnaby Edwards
Ian Cullen
Sarah Barzyk-Aubrey

'Shadows of a Stranger'

The Crew:

Written by Richard Dutton
Directed by Chris Clark and Richard Dutton

'Shadows of a Stranger' cast




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