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Promotion – ‘Satan Has a Bushy Tail’ – A Short Film


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‘Satan Has a Bushy Tail’ – A Short Film

Having recently separated from his wife after she claimed he had ‘stopped trying’, Hugh (32) goes to stay with his newly widowed grandfather Derek (85). A fiercely proud and traditional man, Derek likes things done in a certain way- a trait that soon has Hugh gritting his teeth in frustration… Hugh is troubled to discover his granddad’s obsession with a squirrel he claims is ‘stealing’ from the neighbours’ bird feeder. Derek has had enough of the critter’s thieving ways, and vows to kill it so that the birds may dine uninterrupted. The pair embark on a bizarre hunt, which soon escalates into full-blown fiasco when the devilish creature invades Derek’s home. They then realise this is no ordinary squirrel.

'Satan Has a Bushy Tail' - A Short Film




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