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Promotion – ‘Polaroid’ – A Short Film


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‘Polaroid’ – A Short Film

The story follows Kate, a young woman with a drinking problem. Kate has a hidden past which she relives through her collection of photos but with the help of best friend Sarah she must try to change her life for the better.

Produced by Krystle Barkway
Director of photography Matthew Reay
Starring Annabelle Rich as Kate and Elouise Bracewell as Sarah
Sound/Lighting by Luke Hobson
Make Up by Courtney Duncan
Extras/Runner Faith Holmes and Scott Grieve
Music Created by Adil Hussain

This film is a North East based production created entirely in the location. Created by director Matthew Reay who has worked on the development and creation of the film for a few years now. The story was an idea of his to delve into the theme of memories and what they do to people along with the side theme of alcohol and it creating weakness in strong people.

Watch The film Here:


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