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Promotion – ‘Mila’ – A Short Film


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‘Mila’ – A Short Film

About The Film:

Artists from all over the world are currently working together to create an animated short that presents the under-reported collateral damage of War, the youngest civilians, as its theme. While it is rare that animation takes on serious, complex matters such as War, we believe animation is the perfect medium to tell a story such as this. The tragedy of military confluct did not end with the children of World War II. Too many children today continue to suffer from the ravages of war in many places around the world. It is their current plight that moves us to take action. This is a war story not centered on armies, soldiers, Generals, or battle plans. It is a story of the often overlooked, and rarely mentioned civilians, the children.

Working together for over five year, the Mila team developed into a virtual studio, which runs successfully via email, Google Docs, phone, Skype, Slack, Box and many other methods. Using these, we achieve a high level of communication as we keep track of assets, tasks, and maintain the production pipeline for all departments. When working with a team that spans across several time zones, there are many challenges that must be overcome. But thanks to the passion, and great effort of each and every crew member, we are all inspired, even driven to see this project through to completion.


Mila” is the story of a little girl who loses her family during the war in Trento, Italy. Thanks to a young woman who comes to her rescue, Mila survives a devastating bombardment and takes cover in the woman’s house. Mila clutches the last remnants of her past, a worn-out hat and a tattered Carousel ticket, in her hands. In the house she finds comfort in a hidden rocking horse, and music box. Both elicit memories of her mother at the Carousel, and sparks Mila’s imagination. As the woman mends what she can of Mila’s hat, the bond between them is cast. The woman and girl survive the war-torn night, and emerge the next day to witness the beginning of the end of the War. Confronted with their losses and drawn together through their ordeal, they find salvation in each other and the new life they then build together.



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The Crew:

For the full crew list please click here – Mila Crew

Directed by: Cinzia Angelini
Producer: Andrea Emmes
Executive Producers: Valentina Martelli | Valerio Oss | Andry Gahan

Read our interview with the Director & Producer here!


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