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Promotion – ‘Matriarch’ – A Feature Film


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‘Matriarch’ – A Feature Film

“Be prepared to be scared by this haunting movie. You will be on the edge of your seat. An absolute must see” 
Lorraine Kelly – ITV
“Matriarch can do for Scott Vickers what Get Out did for Jordan Peele”
Tim Cooper – London Evening Standard

After working together for several years on BBC Scotland’s ‘River City’, Scott Vickers and Steven Little formed New Light Films with the shared ambition to produce feature films in Scotland. They set about finding funding for their first film ‘Catalyst’, approaching every known investor and investment company in Scotland and beyond but found no interest. They approached Creative Scotland and they said Catalyst’s budget was too small to help.

However, opportunity presented itself from an unlikely source. Scott was running a Film and TV course in Glasgow where he met attendee Alan Cuthbert. Farm however, Alan was interested in New Lights Films’ ambitions to make cost effective feature films, and invited Scott to view his farm as a potential location for shooting Catalyst.

Struck by the spectacular location, it’s accessibility and the spacious barn that could easily transform into a small film studio, Scott recognised that having their own filming location was the key, and a big piece to the puzzle in release their vision of making true independent films.

Scott and Steven enrolled Alan to partner on a new project with each of the now partners investing their own money (Scott even sold his house for funds), resource and skills rather than continuing the long and arduous search for investors.

With all the required components between them to make a feature film, they set about it! Scott wrote ‘Matriatch’ over a three-week period, using the geography and layout of Alan’s farm and surrounding areas to motivate and inspire Matriarch’s plot. The location provided a logistical advantage during production, enabling the film to be shot chronologically, on a micro-budget and an ambitions two-week shooting schedule.

Four Key things to know about ‘Matriarch’…

  1. The same budget as Blair Witch Project – Due to its stunning production value, industry professionals are refusing to believe that Matriarch was made on a micro-budget of £45k ($60k).
  2. From farmer to film producer – Alan Cuthbert quit farming to become a producer on Matriarch.
  3. Matriarch creator sold his house to fund Matriarch – Creator Scott Vickers sold his own house to raise the funds required to make Matriarch.
  4. Matriarch is a true indie film – Do you like and support indie film? You cannot get more independent than Matriarch! The movie was made and funded by the creators, no business angels, no film funds, no government grants or mummy and daddy money!


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'Matriarch' - A Feature Film

'Matriarch' - Cast

Filming 'Matriarch'

'Matriarch' - still


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