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Promotion – ‘Kuleana’ – A Feature Film


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‘Kuleana’ – A Feature Film

Kuleana is the Hawaiian word for responsibility It can also mean ownership, authority, concern and property.

In 1971, few understood the concept of kuleana, as the Hawaiian Renaissance, a reawakening of island culture, had yet to begin. The 1960s perpetuated a century-long departure from traditional ways; postcard-perfect sunsets, grass skirts, and mai tais comprised a happy, carefree facade.

Lounge acts defined Hawaiian music, ancient customs and values teetered on the precipice of extinction and, incredibly, the U.S. Navy regularly bombed the island of Kaho’olawe for target practice. In Hawaiian culture, ‘aina, or land, is sacred, as revered as ‘ohana (family); the shelling of the uninhabited island was deeply hurtful and offensive. On the surface, it seemed nobody really cared… but, in fact, a new attitude was taking root. On Maui, childhood friends Nohea and Kim discover the true meaning of kuleana in a deadly clash between traditional Hawaiian values and the American Dream. Nohea, a tough local boy, returns disabled from Vietnam, and struggles to reconcile his old-fashioned upbringing with the present day. Forced to face up to his responsibilities as the chosen protector of his Grandma’s property and his family name, Nohea is determined to leave behind the daily struggle of island life.

Kim, long presumed dead after her tragic disappearance at age ten, mysteriously returns to her childhood home on a mission of her own. On decidedly different paths to salvation, the unlikely pair share a common nemesis: Kim’s adoptive father, unscrupulous businessman Victor Coyle, a sociopath whose tools of trade include bribery and murder. Coyle blatantly exploits the land and the people he has managed to usurp and control, and hatches a scheme to control the island’s water supply.

Kuleana is an intense and insightful story unafraid to ask tough questions such as “what is a Hawaiian?”. Ancestral spirits and modern day warriors also contribute to the fight as Nohea and Kim learn the most important lesson: kuleana is not a burden; it is a privilege.


Nohea Kanekoa – Moronai Kanekoa
Kim Coyle – Sonya Balmores
Rose Coyle – Kristina Anapau
Victor Coyle – Stefan Schaefer
Detective Tulba – Augie T
Grandma Kanekoa – Marlene Sai
The Moke – Branscombe Richmond
Sheldon Zhang – Mel Cabang
Uncle Bossy – Vene Chun
Bill Kanekoa – Kainoa Horcajo
Chad Blake – Steven Dascoulias
Yoshi – Tsune Watanabe
Terry – JD Tanuvasa
Kim Coyle ‘59 – Kealani Warner
Nohea Kanekoa ‘59 – Ryan Ursua
Grandpa Kanekoa – Kahu Lyons Naone
Cousin Hoku – Hoku Pavao
Hoku’s Son – Finn Pavao-Jones
Mr Hensley – Bill Hensley
Mrs Hensley – Virginia Sandell
Officer Na’ili’ili – Kapono Na’ili’ili
Detective Mitchell – Anuhea Yagi
Lieutenant McFoler – Jim Oxborrow
Mea Oli (Chanter) – Kuioklalani Gapero
Mrs Agbuya – Jett Robideaux
Malaya – Maharani Sims-Tulba

 'Kuleana' - A Feature Film


Writer/Director – Brian Kohne
Producer – Stefan Schaefer
Cinematographer – Dan Hersey
Editor – Adi Ell-Ad
Production Design – Burt H. Sakata
Costume Design – Beth Anne Kelleher
Original Score – Willie K
Original Score – Johnny Wilson
Music Supervisor – Dondi Bastone
Executive Producers – Byron Warner, Susan Naylor, Clyde Ota, Kristina Anapau
& Branscombe Richmond
Associate Producers – Kathy Collins, Adi Ell-Ad, Bill Kohne, Salma Ansari, Sulara James, John Hague, Mike & Eve Green & Glenn Yamasaki
Unit Production Mngr. – William Reeve Pie’
Locations Mngr. – Kathy Collins
First Asst. Director – Justin Hogan
Second Asst. Director – Alexa Dieke
Luna ‘Olelo (Language) – Kuioklalani Gapero
Cultural Liaison – Kainoa Horcajo
Underwater Cinema – Charlie Fasano
Visual FX Supervisor – Remo Balcells
Post Prod. Supervisor – Andrew Rice
Sound Design – Johnny Wilson
Re-recording Mixer – Tamara Johnson
Script Supervisor – Darren Corrao
Sound Mixer – Marcin Tyszka
First Asst. Camera – Reece Pottorff
Still Photographer – Jack Grace
Video Documentarian – Rick Chatenever
Consulting Producer – Raymond Rolak
Publicity Consultant – Blaise Noto & Associates
Color Consultant – Steven Hornbuckle
SFX Make Up – Natalie Bruce
Hair & Make-up – Luisa Ascensao
Auto Master – Brian Shelton
Key Art – Scott Johnson
Production Accountants – Salma Ansari & Kerry Cullins

 'Kuleana' - action shot




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