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Promotion – ‘Jagga Jasoos’ – A Feature Film


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‘Jagga Jasoos’ – A Feature Film

Jagga Jasoos revoles around Jagga, a shy young boy in a quaint little town, with his accident-prone father, Bagchi. As he grows up, his father sends him to boarding school – and mysteriously goes missing. Over the years, the only contact Jagga has with his father is a VHS tape that he receives via post every year on his birthday.

When Jagga’s father suddenly stops sending his son’s annual birthday tape, Jagga develops an undying curiosity to find the whereabouts of his father. This leads him to Shruti, a journalist who lands in Jagga’s town trying to expose a high level international case. With Jagga refusing to give up hope on the wellbeing of his father, he asks for Shruti’s help to solve the case.

Jagga and Shruti are a hilarious combination embarking on a mission to uncover details about Bagchi’s life which will take them across the world.




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