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Promotion & Interview – ‘The Edge Of The Lawn’ – A Feature Film


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‘The Edge Of The Lawn’ – A Feature Film

The Edge of the Lawn

A feature film set in London. Fred is returning home after serving nine years in prison for attempted murder. His nervous family wait with anticipated excitement for his arrival and wonder who he will be upon his return. They have all forgiven and forgotten about the horrible family history. All except Cyril, Fred’s younger brother. Cyril cannot forgive and most certainly will never be able to forget what Fred did.

Nominated for original feature screenplay at the Southampton International Film Festival 2013.

Film Trailers:

Interview With The Director – Louis Turner


Adam: First, lets talk about yourself, what is your background and how did you get into filmmaking?

Louis: I have made short films since I was a teenager. Films about kung fu robots and swamp monsters and stuff like that. When I left school I started working in the film industry in the art department as a prop man and set dresser, and in my spare time carried on trying to make my own films. I focused on writing as I didn’t have a camera and couldn’t always borrow one or hire one. So I wrote a lot of feature scripts. Some that I tried to make and some that weren’t in any way possible to make. Slowly I feel like the writing progressed to a point where the scripts were something that could be made either by me now on a low budget or somewhere in the future with some funding.

Adam: Tell us about your film; ‘The Edge Of The Lawn’ – Are you happy with the finished product?

Louis: Yeah, overall I am very happy. I think I accomplished what I set out to do which was complete a feature film that has a coherent story and hopefully a little bit of heart. It was an exercise for me to get out there and make another film and I didn’t want to make a short. I wanted to practice, as I always have, making a feature.  It’s a huge learning process. The most important thing is that I know if I put in the time I can put a feature film together.

Adam: Tell me about the original idea, where did it come from? Does it have any particular meaning or connection with your own life?

Louis: It was crafted as something which could be made as cheaply as possible on whatever equipment I could get hold of. I liked the idea of a man being released from prison as it raises lots of questions about the characters past that can have imagined answers. Or at least answers that don’t need to be seen. Then it was just about figuring out where that character is going once he is released, in this case home to his family and what is waiting for him when he gets there. It doesn’t have any direct meaning or connection other than the fact I grew up in and around London and am close with my family.

For me the film is a step on a ladder. And I am very pleased that I have made that step. The original idea was to just get out there and make a film and not worry too much about the finished product – the goal being to just get the film finished. Then, once we were underway my goal changed and became about making a film that was as good as it could be under the circumstances which I think this film is. Then my goal became to get it into a festival, which I did. And it was nominated for best feature screenplay. So, I am extremely happy about that.

Adam: Tell me about your creative process and style…

Louis: It always starts with a small idea. Usually a character and then I start writing. Once I’m writing I will outline the entire film and let the outline change naturally as I write the script as it always grows and changes shape. In the case of the edge of the lawn it actually shrank a great deal as I was writing. Becoming aware of what is actually achievable meant the story had to be smaller.

I certainly don’t think I have a style yet. I don’t feel I’ve explored enough yet to have found a style. There are certain things that I love in films that I will always try and incorporate. I love silence in films. I love long takes. I like minimal cuts. I like natural light. I don’t enjoy films where everything is very clearly spelled out for the audience. I like finding out about characters through watching them and not being told about them by other characters.

I would like to think that the story dictates the style and whatever is needed to best explore the characters and the story.

Adam: How and where did you shoot the film? What kind of budget did you have?

Louis: We shot the film in Greenwich in London in a rented house and various locations in that area. There wasn’t a budget. I paid for the house and I paid for a sound recordist. The rest was borrowed. My good friend was my camera operator. I found a great cast who were willing to do it on the strength of the script and we had to shoot it in five days. I think we shot an average of eleven scenes a day, so I story-boarded everything as I knew we’d have very little (no) time on set. It was great fun and I think everybody really enjoyed it.

Adam: What is the next step for ‘The Edge Of The Lawn’, how are you going to promote, market and distribute?

Louis: The next stage for the film is festivals. Trying to enter it into as many as possible and just trying to get as many people to see it and comment on it as I can. Obviously, the more people that see it the better. I have just begun promoting it exclusively on line as it seems to be a very quick way to get it seen by as many people as possible.

As the joker said “If you’re good at something, never do it for free” well I don’t know if I’m good at this yet so here is my film, for free. It can be viewed in full on my blog at: to use headphones and watch it full screen!

Adam: Do you have a preferred area of film-making, or do you like to take complete creative control?

Louis: I do like to be in control creatively and always thought that I would be in control of every aspect. I don’t feel that way anymore. I will always write and direct. But I am now very happy to let somebody else shoot (as the experience on this film was great) the film and would be more than happy to have some other creative people involved, especially when it comes to editing. Somebody who is more tech savvy than me would be massively advantageous when it comes to editing and sound editing. There is so much you can do now technically. There are a lot of things that I’ve learned from this film that I can take into the next one. Things that took time to learn this time round. Having someone who already knows all that stuff would be a big help!

Adam: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

Louis: Yes, I’m currently writing a feature film that I’d love to make this summer, as long as I get it written in time. And will start casting for it soon. Its a film about love in different stages and a man who is a bit lost. A dreamy, summer movie with some beautiful scenery and some poignant moments. It will be another no budget film but utilizing some of the lessons I learned from making The Edge of the Lawn. Much more of a focus on cinematography this time. And making sure I have more time for this one. Much more time.

Production Stills

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