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Promotion – ‘In Limbo’ – A Short Film


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‘In Limbo’ – A Short Film

When three friends decide to go away for the weekend, none of them counted on encountering the urban myth that is Black Eyed Children. Dreams are invaded and they must fight to save not only their physical bodies, which have been frozen in a trancelike state, but also their souls, which wander alone trapped In Limbo.

The film stars Nigel Barber, who can be currently seen in the new Mission Impossible movie and the upcoming Spectre (Bond) movie. Bern Deegan a talented Irish actor who as appeared in award winning short films and theatre productions around the world joins him. The two female cast members are Rebekah Bowman and Rachel Prince who are both starting out in their respective careers.

The film was written and directed by Stuart Wheeldon and the director of photography was Geraint Owen. Both Stuart and Geraint have worked together on a number of short film projects.
The film has been entered into a number of film festivals and as already been accepted into the Kinolit Film Festival in Russia.



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