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Promotion – ‘Grisly’ – A Short Film


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‘Grisly’ – A Short Film

‘Grisly’ is a sci-fi/horror short film that depicts the story of Carolyn Bronnike, a college student who has mysteriously mutated into a hybrid human/amphibian creature called a “Gill Girl.” Carolyn is captured and sent to ACS/M-Division (ACS), a secret government black-ops agency under the auspices of the CIA. Convinced that Carolyn and several other Gill Girls still on the loose pose a danger to the general public, ACS is determined to capture the remaining Gill Girls. Beyond protecting the public however ACS, led by Director Smalls, wants to better understand the Gill Girls’ powers and abilities; and see how they can be utilized for military/weaponry purposes.

Investigating Carolyn’s case for the CIA is Special Agent Milo Finn. As Finn investigates who, or what, Carolyn is, he discovers that ACS has overstepped its authority by running a secret chamber of torture and scientific experiments on the Gill Girl. Faced with these grim realities, Finn must ultimately decide whether or not to help Carolyn; a decision that will change his life, and Carolyn’s, forever.



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Other Information:

The ‘Grisly’ short film introduces viewers to the ‘Grisly’ universe that will be expanded upon in the ‘Grisly Tales’ novel and an upcoming Internet web series. ‘Grisly Tales’ is about a special investigative team (The Good) made up of CIA Agent Finn, hybrid human/amphibian Carolyn Bronnicke, paranormal investigator Neyton Finn, and CIA Agent Brad Manning. Pitted against them is the ACS/M-Division (The Bad) led by its wicked Director Smalls and M-Agent Sergeant Stevens. When not battling with ACS/M-Division the investigative team researches a slew of supernatural creatures (The Grisly) that include vampires, werewolves, wiccans, zombies, and fallen angels; and an evil prophecy called the Baphomet Sigil and the Blood of Five in which the Grand Adversary attempts to recreate the Nephilim, a race of antediluvian Biblical monsters, here on Earth. A mix of TV’s True Blood and X-Files and Warren Ellis’ Planetary, the ‘Grisly’ universe is full of supernatural mysteries.

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