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Promotion – FilmDoo Releases A New Multinational Range Of European Cinema


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A New Multinational Range Of European Cinema

After opening an office in Paris last month, online film distribution and marketing platform FilmDoo continues to make headway with their European expansion. FilmDoo has now signed and is working with Le Pacte, Eye to Eye, Daredo and other sales agents to give international releases to a variety of European cinema spanning a dozen nations, from Greece to France to Serbia to Spain and beyond.

Along with acclaimed older works like Mathieu Kassovitz’s world-renowned 1995 French classic La Haine and Mathieu Almaric’s 2010 road movie On Tour, FilmDoo will be making available a range of comedies, dramas and thrillers from new European talent deserving of greater exposure.

“With a solid foothold in Europe, we feel strongly at FilmDoo that it’s both a privilege and a duty to be doing more to help promote an array of great European films to a wider global audience,” FilmDoo cofounder Weerada Sucharitkul remarks, “For example, over the last few years, we’ve seen growing interests from audience in Asia for new European films, many of which are not readily available to this part of the world, apart from the occasional film festival. We will continue to build up our European film catalogue and play our part to support works from upcoming European film talent outside their national countries.”

The twenty-one films, released internationally on Friday the 24th March, include:

Panama (Pavle Vuckovic, Serbia):


When Jovan starts dating Maja, he notices intriguing indications of Maja’s parallel life. In a web of lies, jealousy and passion, Jovan loses himself only to find who Maja really is.

Nominated for the Golden Camera for Best First Feature Film at the Cannes Film Festival – Learn More Here…

Supernova (Tamar van den Dop, Netherlands):


Meis is 15, lives in the back of beyond and aspires to a grand and stirring life, but all that happens is the passing of the time, waiting for the next car to crash.

A Berlinale Talent film and also nominated for Best Feature Film at the Chicago International Film Festival – Learn More Here…

One of Us (Stephan Richter, Austria):

one of us

In a story inspired by true events, 14-year-old Julian’s bleak suburban life meets with tragedy on the night he and his friend Marko break into a local supermarket.

Winner of the Max Ophüls Award for Best Feature Film – Learn More Here…

The Man in the Orange Jacket (Aik Karapetian, Latvia):

man in the orange jacket

An embittered young man assumes a new identity and moves into a lavish mansion. But after an unsettling visit from a vaguely familiar guest, the house becomes a deathtrap.

Winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best Feature Film at the Fantastic Cinema Festival – Learn More Here…

Dora or The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents (Stina Werenfels, Switzerland):

Dora or The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents

After her mother decides that eighteen-year-old mentally disabled Dora no longer has to take sedating drugs, the young woman begins to blossom.

Nominated for the Swiss Film Prizes for Best Film and Best Screenplay – Learn More Here…

The list of new international releases is rounded out by La Haine (dir. Mathieu Kassovitz), On Tour (dir. Mathieu Amalric), The Enemy Within (dir. Yorgos Tsemberopoulos), Land of Oblivion (dir. Michale Boganim), Avé (dir. Konstantin Bojanov), In the Eyes of the World (dir. Eric Rochant), A Patriotic Man (dir. Arto Halonen), Cowboys (dir. Tomislav Mršić), Hidden Away (dir. Mikel Rueda), Everything but Oom-Pa-Pa (dir. Kerstin Polte), Berlinized (dir. Lucian Busse), Floating! (dir. Julia C. Kaiser), Lotte (dir. Julius Schultheiß), The Word (dir. Anna Kazejak), Man at Bath (dir. Christophe Honoré) and The Gambler (dir. Ignas Jonynas).

FilmDoo has previously collaborated with Argent Films, Ecce Films, Rushlake Media, Incredible Films, Level K, UDI, Peccadillo Pictures, New Wave Films and other successful distributors of European Cinema. 


About FilmDoo:

FilmDoo is the leading online film distribution and marketing platform, redefining the way people discover and watch films around the world. They are currently a 2017 winner as part of the French Tech Ticket programme. Previously, FilmDoo was a UK finalist in the MassChallenge accelerator programme and was recently featured in Forbes as one of the Top 5 startups to come out of the programme. They have received extensive press coverage in the Guardian, Variety and Screen Daily. FilmDoo is founded by co-founders Weerada Sucharitkul and William Page and was launched at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.


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