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Film Sprites PR Re-launches with a new name and hot new look!

The film publicity and digital marketing consultancy that started its life on Twitter, The Film Sprites, is re-launching with a new name and new look on July 1st and is now Film Sprites PR.

The signature purple of old has been replaced by a deep cardinal red. Head publicist and founder, Lynnaire MacDonald says: “the red of our re-brand is a loving nod to red carpets and cinema curtains everywhere. Red is also a very passionate colour; fitting for Film Sprites PR as our passion for film is infused into everything we do.”

Since 2014 the Film Sprites PR team have assisted filmmakers across the globe with publicity and digital marketing of their films. Whether it’s crowdfunding promotion or publicity and digital marketing of cinematic/VoD releases, Film Sprites PR has been proud to connect filmmakers to media and audiences authentically and with the sparkle and flair people have come to expect. “We’re genuinely passionate about every single film we work on, and we champion every filmmaker we work with,” says Lynnaire MacDonald.

Film Sprites PR are looking forward to assisting many more filmmakers in the future and helping them to connect with media and audiences around the world.

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