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Promotion – ‘Dreaming Against the World’ – A Documentary


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‘Dreaming Against the World’ – A Documentary

“Ultimately, everything was governed by a simple starting point of inquiry: How can painting a landscape be radical?”

Online film streaming platform FilmDoo is proud to work with directors Timothy Sternberg and Francisco Bello (the Oscar- and Emmy-nominated filmmakers behind the 2007 short Salim Baba) to give an international release to their short documentary Dreaming Against the World, an inspiring portrait of imprisoned artist Mu Xin.

One of the most original but largely unknown artists of the 20th century, Mu Xin endangered his life to secretly write and paint while illegally imprisoned during China’s Cultural Revolution. If caught he risked execution, but it was against these perilous odds that he created an astonishing body of work that merged East and West, terror and transcendence. Filmed on location in China and New York, Dreaming Againstthe World is the story of Mu Xin and his incredible commitment to his artistic vision.

Dreaming Against the World will be available to rent on FilmDoo from Wednesday the 18th January.


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