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Promotion – ‘Day of Reckoning: Bijltjesdag’ – A Short Film


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Day of Reckoning: Bijltjesdag

At Hans’s eightieth birthday party, he is confronted by a young spectre from the chaotic days after the German withdrawal from Holland. This period is known in Dutch as ‘Bijltjesdag’ – Day of Reckoning.

Now he must talk honestly with him about his actions those many decades ago – the buried anguish from which affected every part of his life, since then. Today is Hans’s very own Day of Reckoning.

Day of Reckoning: Bijltjesdag


Alexander de Bruijn, Mannelijke verpleger
John Leddy, Hans
Wendy Riksen, Suus
Sem van Butselaar, Anton


Gideon van Eeden, director and producer
Peter Stead, Writer
Raymond van der Bas, producer, cinematography and camera operator
Carina Claassens, art and set direction
Jesse van Koningsbruggen, film editor
Ruud Hermans, music department
Daniel Buta, make-up artist
Ysbrant Bakker, assistant director
Hans Neels, sound editor
Wart Grosfield, visual effects artist
Jelle Helwig, colourist

Day of Reckoning Bijltjesdag movie




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