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‘Dangal’ – A Feature Film

The story of Dangal (‘wrestling’), revolves around the extraordinary life of Mahavir Singh, an ex-wrestler who could never accomplish his dream of winning an international gold medal for India in the sport. Over almost two decades he and his wife are blessed with four children, all girls, and Mahavir Singh loses hope.

One day, his elderst daughter Geeta, at 14 years old, and her sibling Babita, now 12 years old, bash up some grownup boys from the neighbourhood for teasing them, he realises that his daughters have what it takes to be world-class wrestlers. He sees a potential for them to be trained as wrestlers.

What follows is a relentless pursuit of Mahavir Singh, over a period of 10 years, in making his daughters world-class wrestlers. He makes sure they don’t just fight, but fight to win. Set against all odds, the story explores the grit and determination he has against all odds, as he bravely embraces all criticism from the society, the lack of money, apathy from officials and much more, but never gives up…all to see India win Gold.




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