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Promotion – ‘Christine at the Crossroad’ – A Feature Film


Posted January 6, 2016 by

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‘Christine at the Crossroad’ – A Feature Film

Christine nervously scribbles notes on paper as she anxiously waits for someone in a coffee shop. She is a twenty-five year real estate agent who is detached from her husband and rebuffed by her mother for leaning toward an alternative lifestyle. It’s not until Christine meets Jen at work that her repressed sexuality reawakens. She find herself falling in love with Jen. As her passion grows, so does her distance from her husband James. Following a night infused with sexual fantasies of Jen, Christine decides she must confess her feelings to her beloved. The feelings are mutual, but Jen is resistant to starting a relationship while Christine is married. Jen encourages Christine to talk to her family and tell her husband about her true feelings. While she feels affection for James, Christine faces a defining moment; should she break free or continue to live an unhappy life. Christine finds the courage and in it, finds her freedom.




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