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Promotion – ‘By Any Name’ – A Feature Film


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‘By Any Name’ – A Feature Film

By Any Name‘ is an action movie that follows the story of one man’s search for his identity. Found running through a forest, his bare chest and arms covered in blood, John West, an amnesiac is admitted to a psychiatric hospital under the care of Dr Elizabeth Santer. With no record of his existence to draw on, the military fear a potential attack on the imminent disarmament conference. As a precautionary measure he’s taken into custody. But when an assassin makes an attempt on John’s life, he escapes the hospital. Taking Dr Santer hostage he flees to the Brecon Beacons in the hope of discovering his past. Pursued by Captain Chaloner head of the operation to “apprehend and control West” John fights his way out of every attempt to capture him.  Initially involved under duress, Dr Santer begins to harbour doubts that drive a determination to uncover the truth.

The movie is based on a bestselling Novel by Katherine John and was No.1 on e-book Amazon and Amazon Prime and a bestseller in Germany, Poland, the US and UK. Recently selected as one of Amazon’s chosen spotlight authors, Katherine John is currently profiled on most online platforms across the US, South America and Europe.

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