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‘Bog’ – A Short Film

The film is based on true events, although the characters and the story are fictitious. In 2008 in Gerash, a small city in the south of Fars, Iran, a bogus company gained the trust of a wide range of small and big investors. A large part of these investments was never returned to the owners, resulting in a series of frantic conflicts between the investors and the shareholders.

The story revolves around the character of Mohammad, one of the few core members who are involved in this wide monetary fraud. The setting of the story is a wedding ceremony which is on the verge of disruption because the bad news is going to explode any moment. Mohammad senses the danger and tries to salvage some of the cash he is still hiding.

In Persian, BOG is an acronym for the equivalent words for “The Economic Crisis of Gerash”.

'Bog' - A Short Film


Ali Gerashi (Mohammad)
Mahmoud Alipour (Reza)
Saleh Shahbazi (Ghasem)
Atefeh Aminzadeh (Fatemeh)


Writers: Keivan Mohseni and Masoud Ghafouri
Director, Cinematography, Edited by: Keivan Mohseni
Production: Iranian Youth Cinema Society
In Association with: Raytone Films
First Assistant Director and Camera operator: Ehsan Farnam
Second Assistant Director: Adnan Delkhasteh
Production Manager: Javad Radmard
Music by: Mike Hall
Songs by: Abbas Amani and Abolhasan Hoseini
Photographer by: Javad Abafkan

'Bog' - A Short Film cast




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