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Promotion – ‘Bend Don’t Break’ – A Documentary


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‘Bend Don’t Break’ – A Documentary

Dundee is nicknamed the city of Discovery, they just haven’t discovered the hurricane’s yet, officially the worst football team in Britain, American Football that is. The Hurricanes played 10 games last season and were beaten soundly every game. The coach resigned, the general manager resigned and long term players left. The team was at breaking point, as a group they decided to continue and to come back stronger. The new season finds the club with a new Coach, new found optimism and believe that they can reach their Holy Grail the play-offs. 6 weeks after their worst season ever they started pre-season a staggering 6 months before the first game of the season, with one goal in mind to reach the play-offs for the first time in 10 years. Only thing in the way life, Jobs, family commitments. Many of the players have work commitments and family commitments throughout the season and this effects the training and matches, some of the players have phoned in sick so that they could play a game, but some find it difficult to find a balance and that has resulted in the team having on occasion 17 players for a game when a good number to have is 35, the end result has been defeats for the team in the past. But this season the team as whole has vowed not to let this happen but as the season happens will the enthusiasm still be there especially if they suffer defeats? Some of the team will put their bodies on the line to do so and have been playing since there were kids and take it very seriously, the other half of the team see it more of a good way to get fit and take it less seriously it these two views that cause friction in the team. All of this for a hobby which results in players with broken bones and concussions which effects their relationships and everyday jobs. This film gives you an intimate insight into the players and coaches’ passion for the game and how they try to juggle life with their commitment to their team.




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