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Promotion – ‘Ajun Ek Divas’ – A Short Film


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‘Ajun Ek Divas’ – A Short Film

Pravah returns home from an extraordinary journey. As he unpacks his bag, a trip down the memory lane follows. Few moments later, he walks towards the garden, through the corridor of his bungalow, to have coffee with his mother. A journey ends; and another one, probably the biggest of all, begins.

However, it wasn’t the journey that was over as soon as he reached home or the journey the was about to manifest itself once he finished drinking his coffee. Pravah realizes that life isn’t about the bigger journeys but about the smaller ones, like the one from his bedroom to the garden. It took him 10 seconds to arrive at his destination but more than 20 years to become a traveler worthy of completing this journey. As he rises above the darkness of questions and the shadows of answers, another day awaits. Another day, where everything shall be just as it was before, Pravah will be a changed man though.

'Ajun Ek Divas' - A Short Film


Amey Musmade as Pravah Hritvi
Neeta Donde as Hritvi Pradhan
Bharat Ganesh Ranaware as The Stranger
Jyothirmai Pyla as Alisha
Pratik Ghuge as Vishal
Dr. Vikas Salastekar as Dr. Rao


Director : Nidhi Paralikar
Writer : Amey Musmade
Assistant Directors: Nutan Burman, Bhagyada Pandit, and Prajakta Gadgil
Soundtrack : Atharva Kulkarni
Cinematography : Pranav Shinde and Mrunmayee Honrao
Art Direction : Pooja Vyas
Make-up : Bhagyada Pandit
Wardrobe : Nutan Burman

'Ajun Ek Divas'


Full Film


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