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Promotion – Actor – Zaff Malik


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Actor – Zaff Malik

After a very short and intense period of success in the independent film industry, British actor Zaff Malik will be making his Hollywood debut as Gathon, the leader of the Black Army in David and Goliath, a re-telling of the Biblical tale of David and Goliath with special effects to rival the recently-released Noah. The film opens in select theatres in the US on April 3rd.

Training to be a professional actor with the tenacity of any military general, Malik has experienced a whirlwind of recent success, including the independent horror film Nyctophobia, commercials for Jaguar Land Rover and TD Waterhouse and an appearance on the enormously popular UK show Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. He has also played characters in TV shows for the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. In May he will be in Cannes to gain interest for Gemma’s Tale, a new British thriller which he will act in and have a hand in producing.

In 2014 he competed in a charity competition, Britain’s Manliest Man. Out of over 1000 applicants he was voted by the public into the top 40 in the UK which gained him national media attention whilst also creating awareness of male cancer.

So how did a man with such compassion for others manage to embody a cruel character like Gathon? He says: “I decided to create a background for Gathon where he had suffered emotionally and physically as a child. I had a difficult childhood with the loss of my father and I could have ended up lonely, desperate and disconnected in later life. Gathon had grown into a bully; someone who torments others without any conscience. But he had another side to him, one where he was learning what was right and wrong.”




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