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Promotion – ‘A Total Thug Up’ – A Feature Film


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‘A Total Thug Up’ – A Feature Film

Two lovable rogues Danny and Pistons get a job working for gang boss Midas King, everything is going fine until he tells them he’s a nice easy job for them: Pick up an antique sword that was stollen and stashed in the middle of nowhere 10 years earlier and pass it on to a professional fence. Sounds simple, until you add in Priya, a girl who’s desperate for money to help her family and will take any risk.

Directed By: Steve Call

Executive Producers: Marje Turner, Terry Turner and Steve Call.

Stars: Terry Barron Turner, Wayne Philips, Mez Galaria, Azz Mohammed, Kuljit Singh, Gavin Russell, Dean Sills

Music: Marc Hoyland, Steve Call

WINTERS FILM GROUP will be releasing the film on DVD in Feb 2015. WINTERS FILM GROUP is a Phoenix, Arizona, based distribution and production company that specializes in unique and engaging Indie films and television.

The film was made in 2012 and filmed on location in Bradford and Normanton in West Yorkshire.

Additional Images:

'A Total Thug Up' a 'A Total Thug Up' -b filming 'A Total Thug Up' - A Feature Film 10501833_556424044467730_5280844516771255362_n

'A Total Thug Up' -poster
Images credited to Blackrose Effects


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