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Promotion – ‘A Little Girl With The Big Voice’ – A Short Film


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‘A Little Girl With The Big Voice’ – A Short Film

The Little Girl with the Big Voice examines the struggles of women and children in the early 1930’s and 40’s through the eyes of Mary Small, a child prodigy, restless wife and dedicated mother whose resilience in the face of constant challenges made her a defining symbol of her generation.

The recklessness of the roaring twenties was fresh in the minds of most Americans in the first years of the Great Depression. That’s why the sudden slip into economic calamity following the stock market crash was so instrumental to the evolution of our national character.

Events like those in 1929 can force entire societies to reflect on what’s important in life and those sentiments can often define entire generations. This is the true story of how the character of one little girl, like so many of that great generation, was shaped by its tumultuous events, how she matured into one of radio’s biggest stars and what history can learn from her experiences. Now that only a few of these individuals are left, it’s even more important to relive and celebrate their contributions through story.

When Mary Small died, it had been over 70 years since she first started performing on film, radio and
television. Although she was undoubtedly one of the most recognizable stars of the Golden Age, she
disappeared an unknown, a ward of the court and most of her possessions were discarded. She never
received so much as an obituary. This film is an attempt to right that wrong.




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