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Promotion – ‘A Little Bit Of Tear’ – Michael Flatley’s Directional Debut – A Short Film


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‘A Little Bit Of Tear’  – A Short Film

'A Little Bit Of Tear'  - A Short Film

Michael Flatley’s directorial debut, the heartfelt film A Little Bit of Tear has been selected for the prestigious LA Shorts Fest. Known worldwide for his work as an accomplished dancer, Flatley’s is branching out into the world of film and has already added two films to his slate.

A Little Bit of Tear shares the story of a homeless clown who entertains on the streets, but his drunken talent falls on deaf ears. Smitten by a beautiful girl, he follows her into a theatre and sees the show of a lifetime that changes his world, and fortune.

Over the past 20 years, Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance show has broken box office records all over the world. After a final stage performance at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas in 2016, he has turned his focus full-time to his other passions, including filmmaking. Michael has written, directed and starred in two short films and his next project is a feature length film that will be in production later this year.

In A Little Bit of Tear, Michael Flatley stars alongside Erin Kate McIlravey. The film also features the cast of Lord of The Dance, with cinematography by Jovan Tanasijevic and editing by Brian Doherty.

This wonderful short film will be shown at LA Shorts. 


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