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New Partnership With Indie Film Sprites!


Posted October 1, 2014 by

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FilmDebate is once again expanding! We are pleased to account our second official partnership, with social media company ‘Indie Film Sprites’!

Indie Film Sprites are a publicity company specializing in film. Their mission statement is to ‘bring dreams to dreamers and dreamers to dreams through the magic of film’ by connecting film-makers to media and audiences at any stage of film production. We do the writing of press releases, connecting film-makers with media outlets for features and interviews, creating content for social media sharing and providing publicity support during crowdfunding campaigns.

To expand on their services, Indie Film Sprites focus on:

  • Publicity/social media strategy/marketing for films or crowdfunding of films at any stage of production
  • Writing of copy (including press releases)
  • Sustained social media coverage of film production/crowdfunding via our Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Writing of features and interviews for our Movie Pilot contributor page (and this blog)
  • Consistent contact and consultation with film-makers

FilmDebate & Indie Film Sprites hope to combine to promote up-and-coming films, directors and projects, in the hope of expanding both ourselves, and the vast talent in the online community!

Indie Film Sprites Links:

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 14.37.45

Current Partnership Promotions:

 Mana Moana Poster     Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 12.00.06
Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 01.16.55  Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 15.23.22

“As any filmmaker knows the hardest part of making your film is what comes after the cameras roll and the final edit is cut. Finding an audience for your work is the constant struggle us indie guys and gals. Will anyone see this film? How engaged will our audience be? Because of this, I did my homework and was fortunate enough to come across Lynnaire and the team behind Indie Film Sprites. Not only did they love the idea behind my film Displacement Welcomed, but they picked me up as a client and immediately went to work promoting my film across multiple social media platforms. Before I knew what happened I began to see results immediately. People began to ask me when they could see the film, and how they could be a part of the process. There is a distinction between “numbered” fans and “engaged” audience members. And everyone Indie Film Sprites attracts to your project wants to be there. They aren’t just another number. They are a champion of your work.”

 – Evan Kidd, On Indie Film Sprites (Director, Displacement Welcomed)

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