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Interview – Valmike Rampersad – Actor


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Interview – Valmike Rampersad

Valmike graduated with distinction from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, England. His roles include an assassin and son of BAFTA nominee, Art Malik, in ‘Hotel’, A manic depressive, opposite BAFTA nominee Saeed Jaffrey in ‘Open Secrets’ and has acted in several features in Hollywood including ‘The Exquisite Continent’ by Emmy Nominated Director, Stephen Gyllenhaal and ‘Radio Mary’ by Sundance award winning director, Gary Walkow.

Valmike completed 125 Episodes as the lead in British TV drama series, ‘Cloud 9’ – shown on Sky and Virgin TV. He starred in Brit Indie feature ‘Meet Pursuit Delange’ alongside Jason Flemyng, Colin Salmon and Peter Bowles. He is also one of the lead characters in ‘Bazodee’ shot in the Caribbean and directed by six-time Emmy nominee, Todd Kessler.

‘Watch This Face – We’re Tipping Him for Big Things’ – Glamour Magazine 
‘One to Watch’ – Moviescope Magazine, It’s a Wrap Magazine


To begin with, we understand you are staring in three films released this month, tell us about the projects…

‘Bazodee’ is a romance musical. It was shot in Trinidad and Tobago and cast internationally. There are actors from the UK, India, LA. and a number of very talented Trinidadian actors.   The film’s crew were from Hollywood, including the director, Todd Kessler and also from Trinidad.

‘Mile End’ is a UK Indie psychological thriller shot in areas around Greenwich. It is quite a dark story.

‘Meet Pursuit Delange’ is a musical comedy shot mostly at Kew and features a string of recognisable names including Colin Salmon and Jason Flemyng. Luckily I didn’t have to sing in either of the two films as I haven’t had singing lessons in a long time!

Interview - Valmike Rampersad

Tell us about the roles you are playing in these films, how do they differ? What was it about them that attracted you?

In ‘Bazodee’, I play the villain. It was my first time playing the villain and it was a great challenge. I try to seek out characters that are different from me. The character ‘Nikhil’ is quite a piece of work and he goes on a wonderful journey throughout the film, causing a lot of trouble and ultimately bringing disgrace and embarrassment to himself.

In ‘Mile End’, I play a banker who used to be overweight. He had a near death experience due to his weight and subsequently became an obsessive athlete taking part in any marathon or triathlon going. We actually shot scenes during a real marathon which confused some runners as we did various takes and they could see me going in a different direction. I was attracted to the overall script and the physical preparation required for the role really appealed to me. It got me into cross fit, to which I am now addicted.

In ‘Meet Pursuit Delange’, I play one of the angels alongside Colin Salmon and Robert Portal. It is only a small role but I couldn’t resist being a part of it as it just seemed like so much fun, which it was.

 Valmike Rampersad shooting scenes

These films have been selected for various film festivals, can you tell us which ones? Will you be attending the festivals?

‘Bazodee’ is having it’s premiere at the opening night of the Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival (also nominated Best Feature). Yes, luckily I am in Trinidad for the premiere.

‘Mile End’ has been nominated Best UK Feature at Raindance and ‘Meet Pursuit Delange’ is also in the official selection at Raindance.   I am planning to be back in the U.K. to attend both of those premieres too.

Who are the directors of the films? Have you worked with them before?

Todd Kessler (six time Emmy Nominee) is the director of ‘Bazodee’. First time director Graham Higgins directed ‘Mile End’. I have worked with ‘Howard Webster’ in the past when we did a photo shoot for his film magazine ‘Factory’. Howard directed ‘Meet Pursuit Delange’. All three of the directors were very different in their approaches but they all made each experience incredibly rewarding.

What are your influences as an actor?

I am influenced mostly by the work of other actors. I watch a lot of films and am often at the theatre. I learn a lot by watching performances.   I just saw Nicole Kidman in ‘Photograph 51’ and was blown away! My acting coach, Amanda Brennan, has a big influence on my work.   When I have an audition we work through the sides and if I get the role, we start working on building the character as soon as I get the confirmation from my agent. My parents have been a big influence in that they have instilled in me to work hard. My trainers at the gym have influenced me with having discipline. I guess the influences come from all over.

 Valmike Rampersad screen shot

How did you end being cast in ‘Bazodee’, such an international film?

One of our producers Ancil McKain was location scouting in Trinidad and had met my Mum, who subsequently told me about the film. I sent in my details to Ancil but we all know how long films take to make and a year later my agent received an email from Ancil, asking me to send a self tape over from London.

What is the next step for you? Do you have any other projects in production?

I have been auditioning, but until I am actually on the set and we start filming, I won’t say anything. I recently ventured into voice overs which has been a lot of fun, having just done an animation series about bullying and hope to have the opportunity to do more in the future.  I play the title role in ‘I, Amir’, a video interactive installation commissioned by B3 media and directed by Nisha Bhakoo at Rich Mix in November.

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