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Interview – Tom Benedict Knight – ‘The Call Up’ – A Feature Film


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Interview – Tom Benedict Knight

Tom Benedict Knight is known for his work in film and TV such as Kick Ass 2, Dracula Untold and Houdini, and now this talented actor stars in the tense virtual reality sci-fi The Call Up. This exciting feature is directed by newcomer Charles Barker and produced by John Giwa Amu of Red & Black Films, Bafta Cymru award winners for their recent film The Machine.  This ensabmble piece stars, Max Deacon (Into the Storm) Morfydd Clarke (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) Christopher Obi (Snow White &The Huntsman) alongside Knight.

After receiving a mysterious invitation to trial a state-of-the-art virtual reality video game, a group of elite online games jump at the chance to experience revolutionary next-level gaming that brings modern warfare to life. However, what begins as a dream encounter with cutting edge technology quickly descends into a nightmare when they discover that death in the game equals death in real life. 

Knight portrays Marco, a brash yet complex Italian American tough guy, vying for control of the group. Knight’s upcoming work includes a leading role in the supernatural drama Servants’ Quarters, and a top-billing role as an Albanian mob boss in popular U.S. series Rizzoli and Isles.

Interview - Tom Benedict Knight

Interview – Tom Benedict Knight

First of all, you are staring in ‘The Call Up’, tell us about the project, how did you get involved?

Fantastic to be involved, I was cast around about the time Houdini was out and the producers and director liked me for the brash NYC loudmouth I guess and got the part

You are playing the lead role of Marco, tell us about the part?

Marco is a ruthless and aggressive save himself only type, not a nice dude. He’s the guy you hate but for some reason want to keep watching and want to die at the same time!

The director is Charles Barker, what was it like working with him?

Charles wrote and directed it which is no small feat. Charles must have had his hands full directing 9 main parts that slowly peel off the storyline, mixing game and real world scenes, tough work, lucky he wrote it and the end result speaks volumes about his grand plan, great job

‘The Call Up’ is a virtual reality Sci-Fi film, how does this differ from other genres you have worked on? What is your favorite genre of film?

Good question! I like drama, I like tension and conflict and in that regard The Call Up hit all the spots I like, it may be Sci Fi buts it’s all about conflict and action, great fun movie

Tell us about your co-stars, who did you work with on the film?

Great cast, some real cool people, there were 8/9 of us in the lead roles, to many to list! But I’d say to anyone into the movie, check out the films imdb page and see all those great actors

What are your influences as an Actor?

I love James Purefoy, Deniro’s early stuff, Eric Bana and humans in general. We are a wierd species and I love to recreate our inadequacies on screen

When can we expect to see ‘The Call Up’?

Out now in theatres and soon on Netflix I think!

What is the next step for you? Do you have any other projects in production?

Yes, a few which is great! Shooting Kingsman 2 next then a couple more features later in the year, an action fantasy project called ‘Exile’ and a horror thriller called ‘Avenue P’ and of course any new roles I might get, exciting times ahead. 


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