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Interview & Promotion – Oliver Park – ‘Still’ – A Short Film


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Interview – Oliver Park

Still’ is a 4 minute suspense-horror film about a woman plagued by a statuesque figure and begins with a simple knock at the door – the film will reintroduce elements of the sinister horror style we all miss from the creepy tales we were told as kids, those folk tales that were all too difficult to forget. ‘Still’ is the second film from Writer/Director Oliver Park and will be made to the same high standards as the multi-award winning previous film, ‘Vicious’.

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Interview – Filmmaker – Oliver Park:

Interview - Oliver Park

Vicious has done extremely well awards-wise on the film festival circuit. Is there a bit of pressure with Still to achieve the same level of success?

It’s done so much better than I could have hoped and I am so happy for it! Thank you to everyone who has seen and supported it!

I’ve not had any pressure from others yet but I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to make Still even better. Still is much shorter and much darker. So we’ll see what happens.

You’ve cast the actors for Still and you’re currently doing a crowdfunding campaign for the film as I write this. Can you tell us about what we can expect from Still when it’s finished?

Yes — all ready to go and I cannot wait. I am so glad we could get Lindsay Bennett as our lead actress. Lindsay said: “When Oliver and I discussed ‘Still’, I remember being completely unnerved. I’m not embarrassed to say that once I got home all the lights were turned on!” Lindsay is a fantastic actress from what I have seen so far and I can’t wait to work with her.

Still has an old ‘folk tale’ and ‘urban legend’ feel to it that’ll leave you feeling uneasy, thoroughly creeped out and uncomfortable in your own home. It’s very different to Vicious. Vicious doesn’t show you much – if anything. But Still is the complete opposite. I show you what to be afraid of within the first few seconds of the film, so there should be nothing to fear, right?

As well as writing and directing Vicious, you’re also an actor. How has being behind the camera changed your approach to being in front of it?

It’s a very different environment and they’re completely different roles. I’ve learnt that directing is impossibly difficult! It hasn’t changed my approach to being in front of the camera but it certainly changes your outlook on casting and the production as a whole.

How do you approach writing a script?

I loved horror as a child and it’s stuck with me and grown in my mind. I’ve always been able to scare people with my ideas, so with my scripts, I don’t hold back. I turn what start out as creepy snippets of ideas, into horrifying stories by asking myself “what would happen if this was real…?”

Vicious is a psychological horror, will Still also be in the same vein?

Still will be shorter, darker and much more horrifying. The idea behind Still could actually happen…to anyone… So no — if you’ve seen Vicious, don’t expect to know what’s coming. Still is a different type of roller coaster. If Vicious is the ‘haunted house’ at a theme park, then Still is the ‘horror maze’.

What are your favourite horror films of all time?

The first one that always comes to mind is Halloween. It was my childhood film so I’ve long since had an admiration for Carpenter and that sinister, suspenseful style of horror. I also love Hitchcock, Hideo Nakata, James Wan and Takashi Shimizu.

Some films that truly stuck with me were: The Omen, Ringu, Nosferatu, Rec, Insidious, Candyman, Amityville 1 and 2 and the very old BBC version of Whistle and I’ll Come To You which was an M.R. James novel — I tend to side with novels more than films as they scared me so much more. M.R. James is amazing.

What do you think attracts so many people to horror films?

It’s got to be the rush. Maybe it’s the best way of experiencing fear in a safe environment…? Haha — I don’t know! Why do we do it when we know we’ll be struggling to sleep later?!

What are your big goals for 2016?

Mostly acting — there are several movies being released — the multi-award winning action film Watch Over Me comes out this year, various trailers for films that are set for release in 2017 and several more films that are in production so it’s a pretty busy year.

Hopefully we will get the feature version of Vicious off the ground — we have the script, now we just need a great production company who love really scary horror…anyone interested?

And of course — Still will be filmed and will hit festivals (hopefully), AND pre-production on the third short horror will begin (it’s had two people stop reading half way through as it’s “too scary”). More on that coming soon…


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