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Interview – Oliver Park – ‘Vicious’ & ‘Still’ – Short Films


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Interview – Oliver Park

He’s the new face of horror and he’s bringing the scares right to your doorstep. Oliver Park, the award-winning filmmaker/writer of short film VICIOUS is bringing you another sleepless night with his next short film, STILL.

Oliver’s first short, VICIOUS, has won eight awards internationally, including Gold Award for Best International Film at Toronto After Dark and Platinum Award at the LA Horror Competition. It was nominated for a further seven awards, including Melis d’Argent at Molins in Spain.

Oliver hails from Bath, England and now lives in London. He has been writing horror from a young age, having been inspired by directors like Alfred Hitchcock, John Carpenter and classic horror films from the 70’s and 80’s. He also loves to read ‘real’ ghost stories and urban legends.


The first teaser trailer for STILL has been released, with the film set for the film festival circuit in 2016 prior to public release.

The award-winning VICIOUS is now free to view worldwide on YouTube and Vimeo.

STILL is your second horror short. What is it that attracts you to the horror genre as a filmmaker?

Horror is the oldest genre in the book – it has been told since the dawn of time. It allows the audience to go through complete fear in a safe environment. You can really push the boundaries in horror which I feel can’t be done in many other genres. The main reason I am drawn to horror is that, as an audience member, I feel that it has changed too much and has lost some of its heart. People are asking for real fear, and stories that are truly terrifying and I intend to bring that back.

What did you learn about making VICIOUS that you were able to translate into the making of STILL?

Still is very different and I think that its biggest flaw maybe that people will go in expecting more of Vicious. The main lessons were learnt in the actual production of the film. We spent a lot of time on Vicious trying to get shots which were not needed. I refined the script, storyboard and shot list for Still and I think we used every shot we got! I’m a perfectionist so I was already editing the film on paper before we shot it. I also managed to get my ‘trailer shot’ which isn’t in the actual film. I wanted to tease the audience with the trailer and give people a flavour of the film. Even though you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve not seen ANY of the film yet!

Interview - Oliver Park

Horror remains a really popular genre among film fans. Why do you think it’s so popular?

In the way we like to see comedies, dramas, tragedies, we’ll always want to see a good horror sometimes. Good horrors can have all of the above. Horrors are just great dramas with a great scary and thrilling edge. All horrors should have a little comedy too I think. If it’s ‘escapism’ an audience is after, then horror is as far removed from real life as you can get as it’s rare that you encounter a chainsaw wielding maniac! I just hope it remains popular for years to come as I’ve got many ideas which I’d like to make!

You’ve also appeared in front of the camera, acting in films like Watch Over Me and Stop/Eject. Did anything you learned from being directed yourself cross over into your own directorial work?

Everything! I’ve watched some incredible directors work their magic and when you’re there, you see how it’s all done. The directors of Watch Over Me and Stop/Eject (Simon Pearce and Neil Oseman) are simply incredible and I am still good friends with both. In fact, they both worked on Vicious as crew! As an actor, I know exactly what I would want from a director so I give my actors and crew that, and more. You’re only as good as your team. I try to work with people who are great at what they do and people who are totally passionate about the project. We all want to make a hit and that can only be done if we all work together. 

I’m going to put you on the spot here: what are your 5 favourite horror films of all time?

Haha – it’s a horrible question as there are just too many great films! It’s so easy to forget how much certain films scared you and also, like a great book – it’s also when you experience it that counts. The horrors that I watched when I was young will always hold high regard in my memory as they terrified me more than most films today. Halloween is number 1 on my list and probably always will be. I won’t go into why as there are just too many reasons! Ringu, Candyman, The Exorcist, What Lies Beneath, Forbidden Planet, Night of the Demon, The Omen, Psycho, Saw, Nosferatu, The Blair Witch Project, there are just too many and far more that I’ve not included that I love! I’ve given you Number 1 – I can’t choose the top 5. It’s too hard.

What’s next for Oliver Park?

I am currently developing several feature films with production companies around the world including the feature length version of Vicious and lots of others which I’m working on in my spare time. Still will be out around February 2017 and unless I am making a feature film by then, I’ll make another short!

Thank you so much to everyone who watched Vicious and everyone who is looking forward to Still. I am overwhelmed with how everyone has reacted to my ideas and I cannot wait to keep you all awake for many years to come!

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