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Interview – Natalie Burn – Actress


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Interview – Natalie Burn

Hello again Natalie! We recently interviewed you for your last film ‘Left To Die’, how did everything with the film go?

As an actress and a producer I have enjoyed the process of making Left to Die. From writing and producing to being the lead actress in it, and having it viewed by people around the world, getting it to be released and having a DVD copy in your hand. It’s an amazing feeling accomplishing something you worked really hard for. Could I have done something different with the film? I’m sure I could have, but the best way to learn is by making the mistakes and going through the whole process to learn, and not make the same mistakes again. I’m proud of it and most importantly I got it sold and released in most territories around the world. The key with filming a movie is getting it seen by the most people possible, so you can set yourself up for future projects. And get bigger a fan club!

Lets talk about your latest picture, ‘Downhill’, what is the film about?

There is a cult in the mountains in Chile that creates this stagnate virus, and by mixing the virus with humans, the creators believe they can create a future race that will be superior to mankind. A famous racer, Joe and his girlfriend Stephanie (who I play), happen to be traveling to Chile to compete in the big downhill race. While wrapping up a ride, they run into a truck that’s wrecked with a stranger inside, and soon they find they are caught in the middle of the cult and are running for their lives so they don’t become the next victims of the virus.

Interview - Natalie Burn downhill poster

How did you get involved with this project?

I was referred to the Chilean director, Patricio Valladares, by a mutual producer friend I had previously worked with. He contacted me shortly after and offered me the leading part. When I read the script and heard that it was filming in Chile, I was excited to say yes. I love that traveling is a part of being an actress and one of the big reasons I love doing films in other countries. I heard good things about Patricio, that his films were daring and bold, plus when he is making his horror/thriller films, they all have that retro feel to them – something different from other films out there. Downhill is Patricio’s experimental horror thriller where he tried unconventional ways of shooting, and mainly filming an entire feature in 13 days. As actors, we lived in the same cabins that we filmed in, and we felt we were in character from the start of the shoot until we finally wrapped the film on the last day. It was a dark world and scary atmosphere we were a part of on a daily basis, no matter the hour of the day, the weather, if we were shooting or just had a day off. It was something I have never experienced before. Like living in your own horror movie 24/7, you kind of lose the sense of the real world out there and the only thing that matters is your survival.

Tell us about your character in the film, who are you playing?

I play Stephanie, who is a professional downhill bike racer, and is the manager to her boyfriend Joe -who happens to be one of the top downhill racers in the world. Stephanie isn’t as great of a racer as Joe but she is the driving force that keeps Joe on his toes and in top shape to compete. She pushes her boyfriend to keep going after the top spot; she is fearless and supports him after his best friend Charlie dies from an accident while racing. She has unconditional love for Joe and knows that together they could be the best team in downhill racing. She would go to any extreme to keep them together.

Where can we expect to see ‘Downhill’?

Luckily Downhill has been accepted at a few major film festivals around the world, the first premiere was at Switzerland’s Neuchapel International Fantastic Film Festival, then the Sitges Film Festival, and the main festival is on the 28th of August in London at FrightFest, which I will be attending. Downhill will play in the main screen strand with three showings first on screen 9 at 10:45am, screen 5 at 13:15, and the final showing on screen 12 at 15:45. I’m excited to be doing a Q&A with all the horror fans that attend after each showing.

And finally as always, what is the next step for you? Do you have any other projects in production?

I wanted to share with my fans and the readers of Film Debate that I have another movie coming out in theaters worldwide, called Mechanic Resurrection, and I am excited to be at the premiere in the US on August 22nd following the premiere in the UK in London, as I get to share the screen with Jessica Alba. I play a reporter called Natalie Stone, and the film stars Jason Statham. Another film coming out is in Turkey right now in theaters and later worldwide called the Ghosts of Garip, based on Vlad Tepes the impaler. A group of reporters that go to Turkey to film a newly discovered tunnel in Garipce village where Vlad supposedly was held captive and was feeding on the blood of the innocent children. I play the lead role Bella, the main producer who gets all the team to visit and document the tunnel.

 Natalie Burn ghost garip

I have several projects coming up as an actress and a producer, one of them I’m excited about is a project written by Peter Iliff, and will be directed by Jay Russell (Ladder 49), which we are in the process of casting. Another project in development is Wild Minds starring Quinton Aaron, Martin Landau and myself to be directed by Jan Komasa (Suicide Room). I play a bipolar patient looking to redeem herself and find her purpose in life through a new untested medicine while in an institution hoping to cure her madness.

Downhill Trailer:

Ghosts Of Garip: 


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