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Interview – Kierston Wareing – ‘A Hundred Streets’ – A Feature Film


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Interview – Kierston Wareing

BAFTA nominated actress Kierston Wareing goes back to her roots in the gritty feature A Hundred Streets alongside Idris Elba, Gemma Arterton, Charlie Creed-Miles, Franz Drameh, Tom Cullen and Ken Stott. Jim O’Hanlon directs the multi-stranded drama, which tells 4 stories of a group of people who live within one square mile of each other in London:

A layered and gripping drama, it takes a fresh look at the vibrant and compelling life of a group of individuals in contemporary London – destination capital of the world. A Hundred Streets intersect the film’s setting. Chelsea is just down the road from high-rise estates, riverside opulence contrasts with the day-to-day grind. It’s in these streets that the characters face defining moments, major choices and fundamental change in their separate lives, as they negotiate their paths through life, paths that often interweave through our hundred streets.


To begin with, lets talk about your latest film ‘A Hundred Streets’, how did you get involved with the film? 

I had an audition and read for the casting director, and then I was lucky enough to meet the writer, Leon Butler, who happened to be on the premises. I heard not long after a week or so that I had the part and was obviously delighted!

Tell us about the character you are playing…

Kathy is a nurse, married to a cab driver played by a great actor, Charlie Creed Miles. The characters are in a happy marriage in which they both support one another. They lead a normal life. Kathy is supportive and you see this after her husband is involved in an accident on the road, killing a passerby. They are faced with problems like everyone is in life and she desperately wants to adopt, along with her husband’s support.

Tell us about the rest of the cast, we understand you are co-staring with Idris Elba? What was it like working with him?

I didn’t have any scenes with Idris or Gemma in ‘100 Streets’ but have worked with Idris before in ‘Luther’ and I knew Gemma when we both appeared in Screen International’s ‘Rising Stars of Tomorrow’. Charlie Creed Miles is fantastic, and after I finished filming, I remember casually watching a film on TV and Charlie appeared on screen alongside one of the top A-List actors, and I felt incredibly proud to be working alongside him. Franz Drameh and I met in LA when we did a joint interview together, and he’s very cool – his style is on point! Unfortunately I never got to meet Tom Cullen, only briefly at the premiere, but he’s also extremely talented.

What are your influences as an actress? 

Jodie Foster inspired me at the age of seven. I thought her style of acting was extremely natural. I would read up about her and her career in the library. My views are still the same to this day; she is a huge talent.

As far as myself, I don’t really have a set method. It depends on the character and her background. I always listen to the director first and foremost and the other depends on the person I’m playing. I decide whether research is needed and to what point, and I use (if any) my ‘method’ training. As long as my lines are down, I leave a lot up to how I feel on the day. I don’t like to plan scenes ahead, I like to keep it real and fresh and add a little spontaneity to my work if I feel it’s right on the day.

Where & when can we expect to see ‘A Hundred Streets’?

‘100 Streets’ has shown in various cinemas all over the UK. You can rent it on iTunes and Sky Store. It will be released in the US and worldwide on January 13th 2017 and the U.K. DVD release is January 23rd 2017.  

What is the next step for you? Do you have any other films or projects in production? 

At the moment I have a film that has just come out in Dublin called ‘Cardboard Gangsters’ and I also star in ‘The Habit Of Beauty’, which was nominated for ‘Best Feature’ at Raindance Film Festival and is currently touring the festivals around Europe. I have finished a UK pilot called ‘Ghetto Heaven’ that the producer hopes will be picked up and made into an 8 part series for TV. I am also in discussions about future films, which at this point I can’t discuss!


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