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Interview – Juanjo Giménez – ‘Timecode’ – A Short Film


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Interview – Juanjo Giménez

Juanjo Giménez’s beautiful short film Timecode has been making its mark in the film world, winning a multitude of film festivals, including the Palme d’Or for the Best Short Film at the well-respected Festival de Cannes. Not only has this award winning film been nominated for Best Short Film at the Goya Awards (the Spanish Academy Awards), it has been shortlisted, along with 9 other films for the Academy Awards and has been nominated for the European Academy Awards:

‘Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.’



To begin with, tell us about your latest film ‘Timecode’, what is the film about?

Timecode tells the story of Luna and Diego. They are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day. By accident, Luna discovers a secret that Diego is keeping.

How did you come to direct the film?

I work as a teacher in ECIR, a small school in Reus, Catalonia. I was commissioned to prepare a short film by the end of the year. The goal was allowing students to participate in a professional shooting and throughout the production process. I shared the whole creative experience with them, starting even before writing the first line of the script. The original idea comes from a personal experience. Some years ago, while working for a big company, a colleague discovered a secret that I kept, like Luna discovers Diego’s secret in the movie. On the other hand I always had my interest in contemporary dance as a spectator. In is the mixture of these two ideas lies the source of the short.

Lets talk about the cast, who are the lead performers? What was it like working with them?

The actors are Lali Ayguadé as Luna and Nicolas Ricchini as Diego. They are both professional dancers. I wanted professional dancers as the main characters, but we didn’t go through a normal audition process. I chose them while watching a Catalonian TV program about emerging choreographers and dancers. I hadn’t worked with dancers before, and it has been a very rewarding experience.  Neither of the two had previous experience in film or theater.

What are your influences as a filmmaker?

I can’t tell if the directors I like are influencing me as a director, but I remember myself deciding to become a filmmaker after watching a Jim Jarmusch film, “Stranger than paradise”.  Since then, Jarmusch has been an inspiration during his entire career, and I love his last movie, “Paterson”. But I do recognize my influences outside cinema, by artists like Adrian Tomine, Jiro Taniguchi and Carlos Giménez who are comic book authors, or Fabián Casas, who is an Argentinian writer.

What advice would you give to any aspiring filmmakers?

A true aspiring filmmaker will do very well not accepting my advice.

When and where can we expect to see ‘Timecode?

Currently in short film festivals around the world.  Check if it’s selected in your town’s festival. It will get a limited theater run in Spain and France. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for a short film to get wider distribution.  After its festival career it will be shown online.

What is the next step for you? Do you have any other projects in production?

We are writing a feature film. There is another short film project in the making too. But Timecode’s career still requires a lot of energy and time, so I’m combining efforts.


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