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Interview – Johan Matton & Emrhys Cooper – ‘Till We Meet Again’ – A Feature Film


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Interview – Johan Matton & Emrhys Cooper

Following a successful festival run, Till We Meet Again, starring Johan Matton, Linnea Larsdotter, Emrhys Cooper and Astrea Campbell-Cobb will receive a North American limited theatrical & VOD release. 

The poignant film, directed by Bank Tangjaitrong, focuses on a disenchanted millennial couple and the separate paths they follow during a quest to find themselves in Thailand. 

Erik and Joanna (played by Johan Matton and Linnea Larsdotter) leave their safe New York life for a life-changing trip to Thailand which they hope will reawaken their relationship. But the heady atmosphere of an exotic world forces them to question who they are and who they should be with.. The film is a heartbreaking portrait of two lovers on different paths, against the  stunning backdrop of tropical Thailand. Sometimes you have to go a long way to to find out you’re not where you’re supposed to be.

The cast boasts some of the hottest rising talent including award winning actors Johan Matton (Indigo, Nurse Jackie) and Emrhys Cooper (Mamma Mia, Desperate Housewives, Person of Interest) Linnea Larsdotter (Ovum, Indigo) Astrea Campbell-Cobb (Gotham, Agents of SHIELD) and Vithaya Pansingram (The Hangover II, Only God Forgives, The Last Executioner).

‘Till We Meet Again’ Director Bank Tangjaitrong trained at the New York Film Academy, with his award winning short film ‘That Girl, That Time’ screening at numerous prestigious film festivals. The film is produced by Johan Matton and Nakanyarom Siriphakcharath, and includes an original score by popular composer, Dexter Britain. 



1) To begin with, let’s talk about how you both got involved with the film – ‘Till We Meet Again’…

Emrhys: Many of my actor friends were getting work by submitting themselves online for roles and/or casting directors.  This “do it yourself” approach is more aggressive than relying just on agents alone.   That’s exactly how I came across “Till We Meet Again,” which ironically is also about fate and fateful choices.

It was shooting in Thailand, of all places.  Nevertheless, I submitted a self-taped audition, and then Skyped with Linnea and Johan.  They offered the role.

After talking with them and their vision, it was clear than an incredible adventure was in the offing.    In a nutshell, that’s how it all began.

Johan: I initially  began writing on Till We Meet Again when I lived in Thailand 8 years ago, but it was more a document of reflection then. When I moved to New York the year after Till We Meet Again begun to reach the first draft of a screenplay. I got involved acting in a short film directed by Bank Tangjaitrong and we spoke about the story and we agreed that if this ever became a reality then Bank would direct Till We Meet Again. Nothing get’s done in this world without actually doing something so after earning much more knowledge in the field of filmmaking, (I was only an actor after all) I decided to produce the film myself and the journey originated!

2) Tell us about the characters you are playing…

Emrhys: I play David, he is a personal trainer from London who relocated to NY.  He tires of the city rat race and decides to go for an adventure into the unknown, in faraway Thailand.

He’s what we Brits call a “cheeky Jack.”  He’s only up for a good time.  He never likes letting anyone get close to him. It is surprising, then, when he meets up with Joanna, a friend from college, and contrary to his own nature, finds that he “falls” for her.

On the surface, David is very confident and charming. However, his experiences with her brings out certain vulnerabilities. As the plot progresses, so does his self-awareness.   As with all of us, this means both good and painful times are yet to come.

Johan: Erik is this wonderful, insecure, underdog that is very relatable and likable for some audience members and annoying for others [ha ha].

The pleasure of writing a character that is not our typical hero, alfa male or strong protagonist is that the remaining part of the screenplay becomes so much easier to develop because the character has so much to learn and can grow so much in so many directions. Erik is trying really hard to please Joanna his girlfriend for the wrong reasons. He is impeccably dependent upon her when the movie starts and he does not manage to accomplish much on his own at all. The important thing with Erik is that he is real, he is not a stereotypical antihero who is a character. I could really feel for Erik and decided during draft 2 or 3 that I would truly give my everything to play this character.

3) Tell us about the rest of the crew. Who where your co-stars & director? 

Emrhys: We had a fantastic cast and crew from the US and Thailand. They were all very hard working and talented and loved working with the director, Bank Tangjaitrong.

He really understands how to communicate with actors.  He gives you a safety net of confidence, which means we can explore our parts and our roles with more depth and empathy.

Johan: Most of the US crew, where friends and old collaborators and people hand picked to make this film. The whole local crew and team in Thailand were just wonderful people, so extremely hard working, talented and I learned so much from all of them, my AD Mong and Line producer Noi especially was by my side lifting me up every day! We sat till 4am in the mornings planning when things had to change last minute in Thailand. I also could not have done this film obviously with my director Bank and my Co-Producer and Co-star Linnea Larsdotter who carried this film with me from early pre-production, helping me with subtext for each line to, to late festival run and distribution long after post-production. The cast with Emrhys Cooper, Astrea, Tim, and Elly, is what made this film so strong, the acting is superb and we were incredibly lucky and fortunate to have all these amazing actors on board.

4) What has influenced your acting aspirations? 

Emrhys: After watching my first James Bond, I was entranced and just fascinated by the magic of films. Since then acting as been my main passion.  Despite many ups and downs, just having career that I am so passionate about, makes every day the beginning of a new adventure.

One of the biggest acting inspirations, in the sense of role models, has been Montgomery Clift.

About 5 years ago an interviewer also who my favorite actor was.  “Why, Monty” I relied spontaneously, “Who else?”

Lo and behold, this year a Frank Sinatra biopic entitled “Frank and Ava” came about.   I played my very idol, Montgomery Clift.   How incredibly daunting it was to step into a treasured actor’s shoes!   The experience was profound, rewarding, and sobering.

Johan: I’m influenced by true honest moments, real acting and moments in life, every day. From films, I take my inspiration from Derrek Cianfrance’s films, honest but heightened delivery of drama.

5) Where & when can we expect to see ‘Till We Meet Again’?

Emrhys: It’s currently playing in select theaters across the US.  It will be also be available on all “Video on Demand” platforms after the 25th of November.

Johan: Till we meet again is available in Selected Theatres in the US and on North American iTunes now here: (or search for it in the iTunes store) 🙂

6) What is the next step for you? Do you have any other films or projects in production?

Emrhys: A rush of projects are coming up, these include “Kushuthara,” a movie shot entirely in a little-known mountaintop country, Bhutan.  This tiny nation is landlocked between India and China.  It will come out before Christmas

Next year I am privileged to take the lead role in a remake of the classic silent vampire movie “Nosferatu,” alongside Doug Jones, Joely Fisher, Sarah Carter. Then you will be able to see me playing Montgomery Clift in the aforementioned film, “Frank and Ava.” I am also developing a mini-series with my own production company called “Trophy Boys” which we hope to shoot early next year.

Johan: I’m filming a short film in a couple of hours from now [laughs] and I’m considered for a feature in Sweden, other than that Linnea and I are auditioning and finishing two other feature script that we hope to get funding for and film as soon as possible.


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