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Interview – Jocelyn Stamat – “Laboratory Conditions” – A Short Film


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Interview – Jocelyn Stamat

Director Jocelyn Stamat and Producer Joe Russell’s Laboratory Conditions has already been selected for over twenty film festivals, including Tribeca. This exciting live action short film stars two popular actresses Minnie Driver (Will and Grace, Speecheless) and Marisa Tomei (Empire), and was written by Academy Award nominated screenwriter Terry Rossio.

“A physician investigating a missing patient, disrupts an illegal experiment”

Director Jocelyn Stamat is a graduate of Harvard University and is currently adapting the League of Legends for Riot Games and previously directed Turbo Dates.  Producer Joe Russell recently produced the Netflix Original film XOXO.  He has produced over 100 projects and is currently in development on a number of features including Project Blackroom.  Writer and Academy nominee Terry Rossio’s work spans both animation and live action.  Credits include all five Pirates of the Caribbean films, Aladdin, the Oscar-winning Shrek, Déjà Vu, The Lone Ranger, Mask of Zorro and the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong. Stamat, Russell and Rossio are currently in production for their feature Dashboard Jesus and Hula Girl.

Alongside Marisa Tomei and Minnie Driver, the stellar cast includes Paulo Constanzo (Designated Survivor).

Some of the high profile film festivals Laboratory Conditions has been selected for include Sitges Film Festival, St. Louis, Oregon Short Film Festival where it won the Best Cinematographer award, Oxford Film Festival, Miami International Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival and more.

Laboratory Conditions screens at Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, April 20th at 10 pm, Tuesday the 24th at 8:30 pm, Friday the 27th at 9:45 pm and Saturday the 28th at 9:30 pm.



To begin with, tell us about your latest film “Laboratory Conditions”, what is it about?

On a late night shift, a physician discovers her terminally ill patient missing. She investigates and disrupts an unlawful experiment in the depths of the adjacent graduate school.

Where did the idea come from? How did you get involved with the film?

Laboratory Conditions was the first screenplay written by Terry Rossio, back when he was in college at California State University. He had come across a newspaper article citing an offer of $100,000 from some rich guy, to anyone who could prove the existence of a soul. A group of grad students decided to take him up on the challenge, and he thought, wow, there’s a great concept for a film. So you could say that this film is ‘based on a true story.’ Interestingly, he hadn’t worked out the ending until two decades later. I had taken him visit Duke University, where I attended medical school. We were deep in the underground tunnels, passing from one building to another, when the ending finally came to him in a flash.

Tell us about the cast, who are starring?

We had an amazing cast, consisting of Marisa Tomei, Minnie Driver, Paulo Costanzo, Lisa Renee, Robert Scheid and John Kearney.

What are your influences as a filmmaker?

On this particular film we were invoking our love of the Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, and One Step Beyond series, where significant social issues and existential questions are explored in a genre setting.

When and where can we expect to see “Laboratory Conditions”?

Currently, we’re keeping it out of the mainstream as we’ve had significant interest from several major studios for a potential feature length version.

What advice would you give any up-and- coming filmmakers, trying to crack the industry?

I would say, if you are going to make a short film, try to make sure one aspect is sensational, whether it be the cinematography, production design, fight choreography, performance, visual effects — something that showcases a particular feature of filmmaking.

What is the next step for you? Do you have any other films or projects in production?

We are in pre-production on two micro-budget feature films. It’s wonderful to be living in an era in which the available technology allows filmmakers to give themselves a green light.


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