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Interview – Florence Kosky – “All The World’s A Stage” – A Short Film


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Interview – Florence Kosky – “All The World’s A Stage” – A Short Film

Director Florence Kosky All The World’s A Stage is a film that aims to break down the stigmas surrounding suicide and mental health after the director experienced the loss of one of her friends. Since it’s festival run, this wonderful film screened at the Oscar qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival and will be screening at Raindance Film Festival and Norwich Film Festival. The cast includes Olivia Colman (Broadchurch, Murder on the Orient Express), Jonathan Forbes (Fearless, Catastrophe) and Amber Anderson (CB Strike: The Cuckoo Calling, Black Mirror).

A star performer loses his sense of identity, with devastating consequences for all.

Director Florence Kosky is a multi-faceted young woman who, at only 22, has extensive work spanning across fashion and film both behind and in front of the camera. She is no stranger to short films as her first short film ‘The Otherworld’ won Best British Short at the London Independent Film Awards at the beginning of 2017, followed up by the ‘Audience award’ at Thunderdance Film Festival. Her other short Splash won awards for Best Director and Best Artistic Design at Seattle International Film Festival. Florence is currently developing her first feature film, Wicca.

Producer Matthew Cook runs a UK production company Fablemaze with his creative partner as he specializes in writing, directing and producing interactive stories. He is currently in postproduction for Fablemaze’s first two independent films; Eve and Philophobia – both directed by debut feature directors, Rory Kindersley and Guy Davies.

Editor Joseph Tims who has a career spanning two decades, has moved between drama, documentary and live music, working on television show such as Later with Jools Holland and Glastonbury. He has worked on feature films such as In the Blood starring rising star Joe Cole, documentaries such as Imagine and The Culture Show for the BBC and most recently Billy Connolly’s World Tour for ITV, which is currently in postproduction.

The cast includes the Golden Globe Winner and three-time BAFTA TV Award winner Olivia Colman who is the narrator of this film whose notable credits include Broadchurch, Murder On The Orient Express, Flowers, Jonathan Forbes who starred in Fearless and Catastrophe and Amber Anderson who starred in CB Strike: The Cuckoo Calling, Black Mirror, The Riot Club, Your Highness and Maigret’s Dead Men with Rowan Atkinson.

All The World’s A Stage will be screening at Raindance Film festival on 6th October and Norwich Film Festival in November.

Florence Kosky - "All The World's A Stage"


To begin with, tell us about your latest film ‘All The World’s A Stage’, what is it about?

All The World’s A Stage is about an actor who loses the crown he wears in his performance every night, and with it his sense of identity. We see his downward spiral and the effect it has on those around him. This represents the decline of mental health and allows us to explore the subject of suicide.

Where did the idea come from? How did you get involved with the film?

So sadly, I’ve actually lost 4 friends to suicide since 2013, and so it’s something that is very close to my heart and that I feel really passionate about bringing awareness to and trying to contribute to prevention. I’ve worked with youth suicide prevention charity Papyrus to raise funds for them and have also become an ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation, but I also wanted to do something more artistic which would hopefully inspire people to be proactive themselves, and as a filmmaker, making a short seemed the best way to do it. 
The narrative is taken from a poem that a friend of mine wrote following the death by suicide of our mutual friend when we were teenagers. It’s a story that I’ve always kept coming back to and I believe it can touch others how it touched me.

Tell us about the cast, who is starring in ‘All The World’s A Stage’?

Onscreen we have the wonderful Jonathan Forbes as the lead actor, who has worked with the RSC as well as appearing in Catastrophe (it’s hilarious, you should watch it!) and he is playing opposite Amber Anderson. She is a friend of mine that I actually met on the set of the Burberry FW15 advertising campaign when we were both modelling, and a fiercely talented actress who you can watch in Black Mirror and CB Strike. As well as these two wonderful humans, whom I am immensely grateful for, I was lucky enough to have Olivia Colman on board as our narrator. She’s been a longtime hero of mine and to get to work with her so early on in my career was a dream!

What are your influences as a filmmaker?

That’s such a hard question! There’s so much that can influence you and I think that the strongest influences story-wise for me are probably the little things that happen day-to-day with the people around me. But visually, I guess I look to directors and photographers with a surreal aesthetic – Guillermo Del Toro, Wes Anderson, Tim Walker, Charlotte Wales are all artists whose work I regularly look to for inspiration.

What advice would you give any up-and-coming filmmakers, trying to crack the industry?

The most important thing I would say is do not be afraid to ask people for help. The worst thing that’s going to happen is that people are going to say no, and if they’re not nice about it then they are probably not people you want to work with anyway! Although if and when you do get people to help, I think it’s important to be appreciative of what they are doing for you, from runners to actors, everyone is crucial and you should treat them as such. People remember kindness.

When and where can we expect to see ‘All The World’s A Stage’?

You can see it online for a limited time at and if you would like to see it on the big screen, then we are screening at Raindance Film Festival in London on 6th October as well as Norwich Film Festival at the start of November. Follow me on instagram at @floskyyx for more screening updates!

What is the next step for you; do you have any other films or projects in production?

I’m currently working on my first feature film, Wicca. It deals with what it means to be a young woman in today’s society and the challenges that we face. Feminism with a healthy dose of love and sex and magic!


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