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Interview – Emrhys Cooper – ‘Altered Perception’ – A Feature Film


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Interview – Emrhys Cooper

Emrhys Cooper is making waves in both the TV and Film world, starring in a variety of international films and TV series, now he is set to join Castle star Jon Huertas and scream queen Jennifer Blanc-Biehn in new Sci-Fi fantasyAltered Perception.

Altered Perception, directed by Kate Rees Davies, depicts the governments attempt to produce a designer drug aimed at correcting the false perceptions people develop throughout their lives during times of trouble, trauma and stress. The implications could be far reaching, but first, the clinical trials must prove that medicine is effective. The past and present of four couples will be examined while taking variations of the new drug. The process, however, may cause some to doubt their own memory, perceptions and sanity. Cooper stars as the lead role Steve, a successful British TV producer living in LA with his beautiful young wife Kristina (Jade Tailor). She is experiencing severe paranoia and believes Steve is cheating on her left and right. They are using this drug to save their marriage, however it’s a bumpy ride for the couple, with Steve hiding more than he’s letting on.


Interview With Emrhys Cooper:

1) You are co-staring in American Sci-Fi film ‘Altered Perception’, tell us about the picture..

Altered Perception is a really fun Sci-Fi thriller about a mind altering drug that has been created to get rid of false perceptions. I think it is a very relevant and poignant theme which touches a lot of people today. As such drugs as shown in the film are entirely possible today. A lot of prescription drugs offered by pharmaceutical companies are quite dangerous, however they lucrative big business for these companies.

2) How did you come to accept the role? What was it about ‘Altered Perception’ that attracted you to the part?

My agent arranged a meeting Jennifer Blanc Biehn. As soon as I met her, I was bowled over by her spirit and energy, and I knew immediately that I would love to work with her. A couple of weeks later, they sent my agents the script, and we all agreed it was a great role for me.  I’ve never worked on a Sci-Fi film, so it was great to challenge my self with something new. I play the role of Steven. The character is very multifaceted and complicated, which I found extremely rewarding to play.

3) ‘Altered Perception’ is a Sci-Fi picture, how does this differ from roles you have played in the past? Did you enjoy working within this genre?

I have always been a fan of Sci-Fi genre, but when making this film I was still playing a real person. I didn’t have any specials skills or strange things going on.

The world we created between myself and Jade Tailor (my wife in the film) was very real and authentic. Luckily, Jade and I knew each other from acting class, so we were immediately at ease with each other. Our characters go to some very dark and evil places, so it was fantastic to work alongside such a talented actress.

4) The premise of the film is very engaging, we understand it is a depiction of a governments attempt to produce a new designer drug aimed at correcting various false perceptions. Can you elaborate on this? Where does your character fit in?

I play one of the couples that go through with the experiment to help save my marriage, as I believe my wife’s paranoia is destroying it. But let’s just say, the experiment may not turn out the way I had hoped.

5) Lets talk about your co-star, Jon Huertas, have you worked together on anything previously? How was working together in ‘Altered Perception’?

It was great working with Jon, this was the first time I worked with him. I’ve always been a big fan of his work, so I was delighted I got to act alongside him. Jon is a very warm and fun to work with, and hopefully we will work together sometime.

6) And how about the director; Kate Rees Davies, what was it like working with her?

Kate is awesome. Being British we both have a similar sense of humour and outlook. She’s a fantastic director and really helps put the actors at ease. Some of the scenes between Jade and I, were very dark and uncomfortable, but the atmosphere on set was the opposite, as Kate’s big smile was always there.

7) In terms of you personally, what is the next step? Are you working on any other films or projects?

I am working on several projects with my production company Dream It Productions that I am very excited about. They’re still in early stages of development, but I am hoping to be shooting something next year. As an actor I hope to keep pushing myself creatively and collaborating with exciting people.  I am currently back in the UK right now taking meetings. I would love to go back on stage next year as I am getting the itch back.


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