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Interview – Dylan Sanford – ‘An Entanglement’ – A Short Film


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Interview – Dylan Sanford
To start, lets talk about your latest film – ‘An Entanglement’ – what is it 

It’s about a woman who is approached by a stranger who tells her he’s been hired by her husband to kill her, but then offers to turn the hit back on her husband if she pays double. It’s a slow-burning thriller that posits questions about self-preservation, vengeance, our sense of value, and what indeed it means to be offered the “chance of a lifetime.”

Interview - Dylan Sanford

How did you get involved with the project?

I had the idea for it a while back when I was trying to think of projects that could be well suited as a short but be doable on a tight budget and timeline. This one kept sticking, but I didn’t necessarily want to write it myself, so I put my longtime collaborator, Yancy Berns to the task. He loves stories with moral ambiguity so he was immediately drawn to the lack of “innocent” characters. When he’d finished the script, I set it in motion to make it happen, producing and self-financing.

Tell us about the cast, who stars in the film? Have you worked with them before?

The film stars Sean Bell (as The Man) whom I’ve considered a friend for the better part of a decade and a half. I’d never worked with him but always wanted to, so the role was written for him. Shiri Appleby (Violet Novak) was a really lucky catch for us. A friend of a friend grew up with her, agreed to send her an email, she read the script and met me in person, and she decided to do it. I’ll never know why she fit us in to her incredibly busy schedule, but we were certainly better for it. And rounding out the leads is Gary Wolf (Rick Novak.) I’d never worked with Gary but was impressed with the self-tape he made that my friends at Spitfire Casting passed on to me. They are all top notch people and professionals.

 Dylan Sanford movie shot

What are your influences as a Director?

I’d say my influences are pretty varied (I like a lot of different types of movies) but my strongest are probably Kurosawa, Lynch, Kubrick, the Coen brothers, Carpenter, Wilder, Cronenberg, Soderbergh, Hitchcock. Come to think of it, I could keep listing all day long. I’m sure we could even get into b-movie and grindhouse stuff that has influenced me. It’s probably all in there somewhere.

Where can we expect to see ‘An Entanglement’?

We screen tomorrow (8/25) in the inaugural opening of Film Invasion L.A. We’re submitted to a number of other fests but we’re also online on Vimeo and Film Shortage here:

with a trailer here:


Dylan Sanford cast

What is the next step for you? Do you have any other projects in production? 

Nothing currently in production but Yancy is developing a pretty insane and dark episodic called Feast of Hearts. I have a near-future scifi that I can’t seem to get my mind off of. And then we have feature script called Wisdom Teeth that’s been among the top unrepresented horror scripts on for a few months. So, a lot of irons in the fire.


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