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Interview – Caroline O’Hara – Actress


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Interview – Caroline O’Hara

The Coronation Street actress Caroline O’Hara recently teamed up with The Muppets and Sylvester Stallone in the well-known and humorous Warburtons adverts.

Caroline performs in an outstanding advertisement with some of our favourite characters to promote the delicious bread bakers, Warburtons. Through comedic songs and fantasies, “The Giant Crumpet Show” advert has received over 2 million views on youtube in less than three months. However, The Muppets didn’t get all the fame from these adverts. When Caroline O’Hara shared a screen with Sylvester Stallone, England was left raving about the hilarious Warburtons advert for weeks

After training at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, Caroline O’Hara was cast in Escape From Argentina, the true-life story of Lucy Wright, the young nurse who was caught smuggling cocaine in South America. She has also appeared in a series of Walker’s Crisps adverts and campaigns for House of Fraser. During these past few years, O’Hara has worked alongside Ray Winstone, Shaun Parkes, Danny Dyer, and Tom Conti in the memorable projects, Vincent, Kiss of Death and Parents. Caroline O’Hara has been cast in many different roles, but she is mostly known for her lead roles in Coronation Street, Casualty and The Bill.

Caroline O’Hara has an upcoming film titled The Cheesebox from Paddy Murphy and IsleBoro Production. The Cheesebox is a story of stoicism in 1950’s Irish society with O’Hara portraying a strong and dynamic woman. She also continues her line in powerhouse women in the new music video for  Swedish indie-pop band Miike Snow. Genghis Khan is directed by prolific music video director Ninian Doff.


Your most recent project was the comical Warburtons Adverts, can you tell us about working on these? How did you get involved?

I auditioned in Manchester in January 2015 three times. I was told there was a Hollywood star involved and for audition purposes was told to imagine it was Johnny Depp. I remember being very nervous because I am a big fan of Declan Lowney’s work who is our director. When I arrived at the audition Declan was just leaving with a suitcase. I said “Direcotr, where are you going?” He  said “You’re too late”. But he was just joking: we had both accidentally walked into the wrong building.

The adverts starred Sylvester Stallone, what was it like working with him?

He’s a lovely man. I didn’t know much about his early days but it makes for great reading. He wrote himself the perfect role when he was very poor and managed to convince Hollywood he should play the role despite them not wanting him. You have to admire a self-made millionaire.

These adverts also starred The Muppets, what was it like to film with them?

I knew when I saw The Muppets filming their song that it was going to be huge. It was an incredible experience watching them work. They’re hilarious. Watching Kermit forget his lines is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He was rather embarrassed.

What are your influences as an actress?

People. Experiences. History. Everything influences acting. But my favourite actresses are Hilary Swank, Naomi Watts, Charlize Theron and Jodhi May.

What sort of characters and films attract you the most?

My favourite film is Seven. I have a passion for projects that show how far a person can be stretched and changed. One of my favourite roles was playing a character from the age of 16 to 48.

You are staring in upcoming film ‘The Cheesebox’, tell us about this?

It’s the story of an old Irish law that prevented stillborn babies from being buried in consecrated ground and the repercussions that had on families. It happened to so many people. Several of our crew members been affected and had personal stories.

Other than ‘The Cheesebox’ – what is the next step for you? Do you have any other projects in production?

I have just become the face of Alberto Balsam hair products and I also filmed a music video for Miike Snow called Genghis Khan. Next I’m going to to spend some time in Los Angeles. We filmed the Warburton’s commercial out there and I met lots of people and got a manager so I’m going back to see them, and do some surfing!



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