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Interview – Brad Moore – ‘North V South’ – A Feature Film


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Interview: Brad Moore

1) First of all, you are staring in ‘North V South’, tell us about the project, how did you get involved?

It is a story about two rival crime gangs who run the north and south of England. I met the director, Steve Nesbit at a concert for the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall. The band ‘The Who’ was playing and we both love them, so we clicked pretty quickly. I knew he was a director and I think some clever people (the producer Ben) put us in a room together so after a few beers, I started doing some improvisations of characters from some of the classic British gangster films I love, such as Sexy Beast, Get Carter etc. (trying to show off basically). Six weeks later he sent me the script for ‘NvS’ and told me to read with Gary Little in mind. The script was superb, the best opening I had read in the 2 years I had been acting at that point. Months later when the film was green lit, Steve told me that my improvisations that night had inspired him to re-visit the script and switch it from the US to the UK. He said he dropped my character in the middle of the story to make it all come together.

2) Tell us about the narrative…what is the film about? 

It is definitely not a typical gangster flick. The script always read like a graphic novel to me and not like a typical British gangster flick; very colorful characters. For example there is a French transvestite hit man who flies up and down the country in a gyrocopter trying to kill me!! The story opens with both sides meeting to agree a truce. The main players from each side are present and hands are shook. However, my character, called Gary Little, is not keen on the truce at all and has other very ambitious plans to try to take over both sides. So without any spoilers he starts to create havoc to upset the balance so that both heads are distracted and at each other’s throats. He can then make his moves. At the core of the story is a forbidden love affair with the captain from the North and the daughter of the head of the South. Gary stumbles across this information and uses it as leverage to weaken both sides and attempt to take over everything. He has a fairly chronic case of little man syndrome!

3) You are playing the character of Gary Little, what was it that attracted you to this role?

He is a lunatic and on page 12, he kills a clown. He had me at clown.

4) Tell us about your colleagues, who was the director? Who did you star alongside?

The film was directed by Steven Nesbit and is really his debut as his feature film and was nominated for the ‘Micheal Powell Award’ at Edinburgh this year. Before that, there was a very low budget affair. He helmed the ship superbly. I’m sure you will be watching many more films from Steve. I starred alongside an amazing ensemble of British actors and was very lucky to be performing with them. Stephen Berkoff, Bernard Hill (who I have just shot another film with called ‘Golden Years’ which is about pensioners robbing banks and is due out next year) as well as Keith Allen, Greta Scartchi, Freema Ageyman. This was my first lead role (actually co-lead with Elliot Tittensor) and they were all very easy to work with and very supportive. It was scary, as I started acting very late and grew up watching Stephen and Bernard and then found myself in a green room with them going through the scenes.

5) We understand you began your acting career at the age of 40, what did you do prior to this? Why did you switch to a life on-screen?

I always struggle to explain this as it’s quite crazy, basically, I’ve always been in awe of actors and comedians but I guess never really brave enough to give it a go until recently. I came from a very working class family based in the rougher parts of London.  I loved films all my life, like a lot of people do, and when I was around ten I lived next door to an actress called Pauline Quirk, from Birds of Feather.  We used to play acting games together on the Street outside our flats in Stamford Hill, but I didn’t do anything from 10 to 40, so I had 30 years where I didn’t act at all.

As all parents, I started telling stories to my son, in bed, and started doing the characters and doing voices and started enjoying the performance of it all! I thought I love this so much and I’ve loved film and comedy all my life, so I have to do it. It’s sort of a mid-life crisis, really.

6) What are your influences as an actor?

I’ve grown up watching the brilliance of American actors like Paul Newman, Brando, Jack Nicholson, Gene Wilder, and British legends such as Richard Burton, Peter Sellers and Richard Harris. However, I don’t feel I’ve been directly influenced by them and would never try to copy what they do as they are on another planet to me in terms of talent. So I haven’t consciously felt they made me act in a certain style or certain approach but I’m sure they have affected me at a subconscious level and I’m 1000% sure they have inspired me as they do all actors and anyone watching their films. I never went to drama school so I haven’t had that time students spend studying actors, certain methods or Shakespeare.  So far, I’ve been lucky enough to play characters that have similar characteristics to certain aspects of my character!! So during my prep for a character I just try to find and tap into that side of me and then enlarge it so that it becomes the core nature of the character as such. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense! Basically, I have my own a approach to try to make the characters come alive and to make the scenes as real as possible. I think most actors eventually find their own method even if they have studied all the great drama teachers.

If I couldn’t find plenty of me in the character, I think I would struggle but I guess that would be great challenge to have. When friends watch me for the first time they either say ” after 10 minutes, I forgot it was you up there” or they say  ” that was so much like you up there, I remember when blah blah ” they say this when I’m playing a sociopathic killer or a comedic, spray tanned metrosexual copper, so I must be doing something right. I think my multiple personality disorder must help!!

7) What is the next step for you? Do you have any other projects in production? 

‘NorthvsSouth’ has just been in cinema and is released on DVD by Metrodome in December. The film ‘Golden Years’ (pensioners robbing banks) is set for release in Spring next year and I’ve just finished filming a boxing comedy called “Gloves Off”, which I co-wrote with Steve Nesbit, the director of ‘NvS’. That’s my first full lead role. Up until now I’ve found or created my own work but have recently taken my first agent, a couple of months ago, who is helping me get serious about building a career. We are looking at castings for certain projects at the moment, which is very exciting and a new experience for me.


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